New study: early-stage MGUS/SMM/CLL patients test arabinoxylan rice bran and curcumin

Back in 2011 I wrote a brief post/page (if you use my Search box, you can find the page easily) about a study showing that a special type of rice bran (MGN-3/Biobran) combined with curcumin annihilated U266 myeloma cells.

This study was carried out on cells, though, not human beings.

But today, about five years later, we have the results of a small study carried out on 20 curcumin-taking human beings with stable, early-stage MGUS, SMM, and CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia).

And it’s a Terry Golombick (et al) study, to boot.

Here’s the link to the full study, which is available for free online (love that!):

The Golombick team tested Ribraxx, a combination of a rice bran and shiitake mushroom extract (too bad it isn’t chocolate with almonds!!!), together with a form of C3 Complex curcumin called Curcuforte (which I’d never heard of before…it’s made by an Australian company), on a group of 10 MGUS/SMM patients and 10 CLL patients.

At a certain point, they mention a  previous study, which I missed (!) but will go read tomorrow, on 48 myeloma patients who took two grams of this Ribraxx per day. The results were: increased NK (natural killer) cell activity, increased levels of mDCs (myeloid dendritic cells) in the peripheral blood and of Th-1-related cytokines. Yes, definitely need to check this out…

But right now I have time only for the Golombick study. The MGUS/SMM/CLL patients took a daily dose of six grams of Curcuforte and two grams of Ribraxx, in divided doses.

The study monitored a whole bunch of markers, including CRP, FBC, paraprotein, ESR, B2M and so on. You can read about the markers on page 3, in the “Results” part. Just a few highlights:

  • 8 out of 10 patients saw their neutrophil count increase. Five of them had been neuropenic when they began the study, so that is very good news for them.
  • Some of the patients experienced a reduction in their ESR; two of them had an 80% reduction…wowsie.

Personal note: throughout the years, my ESR levels have gone down substantially on curcumin alone. In spite of a bit of fluctuation, they have never returned to the high levels that I had back in 2005. Based on my most recent tests, in fact, my ESR levels are less than half (!) what they were in the pre-curcumin period…Not too shabby!

This reduction might be more important than I knew. On page 5 of the study, in fact, I discovered something that I did not know:  “In multiple myeloma of the IgG and IgA subtypes, significant correlations have been found between ESR and the monoclonal proteins and between the ESR and percentage of plasma cells in bone marrow.” It might even be “an independent prognostic factor for survival in patients with MM.”


Now I’m even gladder that my ESR levels have decreased more than 50% compared to 2005…!!!

Well, I have to go off to have dinner now (first the cats, then us). But I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to publish this post…so…here goes! I hope you enjoy this study! Ciao!


  1. Hi there, I found you researching turmeric (more specifically curcumin) and have been happily reading away for the last couple of hours. Then, realizing that the posts I was reading were from 2011, I wondered if you were still with us so I clicked on the header and, YES, thank goodness! Thank you for your posts and information and sharing your journey. I’ve read only a 1/100th of it so still lots of fun to go. Blessings.

    1. I was diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma a couple of months ago. My husband found your blog and has been reading up on all that he can. I am now on EGCG, Curcumin and additional Calcium/Vit. D supplements. Scheduled for blood tests every three months.

      Thank you for all your information. It has given us hope.

      I am a German-born, U.S. resident and wondering if Europe has additional novel treatments for our disease.
      If so, would you provide contacts on specialist information. Thank you again.


  2. Yes, IP6 (a type of rice bran extract) seems to make a huge difference for me based on about 7 blood tests. With IP6 my numbers go down and globulins even go back to the normal level (I like to brag to my family physician about that since the globulins was what sent me on this awful adventure.) I stopped taking IP6 and my numbers went way up. Taking IP6 again the numbers dropped. So it seems that IP6 works better for me than curcumin – based on the limited data I have.

    1. Hi Jim
      I was diagnosed with MM Stage ll and I don’t want to progress to stage lll. So I am looking for different means to conquer MM. Where did you get IP6? Is it already on the market?

      1. Trudi,

        Dr Shamsudin of the University of Maryland has the official IP6/Inositol mix. It’s called IP 6 Gold. He did the research and is the reason I’m taking IP6. However, his product is very expensive so I take a product that has the same combination of IP6/Inositol:

        Cell Forte
        Ip-6 & Inositol
        I get the 240 count bottles and take 8 per day on an empty stomach. They are hard to take and get stuck in my throat somethings – very painful. But I think I’ve finally figured it out so I can take 2 at a time. The key is to drink large swallows of water and have them lay horizontally at the front of my mouth before drinking the water.

        I would like to take more a day but it’s hard to find a time when I have an empty stomach and they are hard to take. But, my data seems to show that they make a big difference.

        Good luck to you. I’m sure it’s very scary for you. I freaked out when I found I had MGUS. But since taking IP6 and curcumin my numbers have held pretty stable and many of the markers are coming down.

        I’m not sure the curcumin helps me but I only take 4 – 1000mg tablets a day. Others take a lot more.

          1. Hi Jim
            thank you for your answer. I will get the IP6 at Amazon in the next days.
            I am taking Curcumin at the moment and I want to get the results first when I have my monthly check next week before I add something to my supplements.
            thank you

        1. Hi Jim, is it right you have mgus IGM kappa? Are your numbers still stable? I am 41 years old and have mgus IGM kappa. I try the same with IP 6 Inositol and Curcumin. My IGMs are around 800. I would like to hear more about you.

          1. Hi Johanna,
            Yes, it sounds like you and I are almost exactly alike. My IGM and Kappa numbers are the problem.

            This past blood test showed a significant jump. However, my M Spike went down as much as the IGM and Kappa numbers went up. As you may or may not know, M Spike is one of the numbers they use to determine likely progression. Mayo clinic says there is a 14% chance of progressing to Myeloma in 20 years if M Spike is 0.5 G/DL. Less is better. Mine went down 22% last time to 0.36.

            However, IGM and Kappa advanced by 22% so conflicting numbers.
            date… IGM… Percent change
            3/1/2013… 733
            10/4/2013… 760… +4%
            3/12/2014… 714 … -6%
            10/10/2014 …663….-7%
            4/1/2015… 797… 20%
            10/8/2015…. 806… 1%
            4/24/2016… 736… -9%
            10/18/2016 … 756… 3%
            10/4/2017… 851… 13%

            4/1/2013 started supplements
            10/12/2014 cut IP6 in half
            4/1/2015 IP6 back to 8

            Note how the numbers trend down when taking IP6 and trend up when lowering IP6 and then trend down again when IP6 is started again. However, last year’s number was an outlier because IGM went up even with IP6.

            Not enough data to really know. I’ve looked at TAB’s data and the numbers do jump around quite a bit before they started trending down. TAB’s numbers started getting pretty spooky for a while but he stayed with it and now for years his numbers are trending down.

            Keep in touch either through this forum or directly. Let me know what your numbers are and what you take so we can compare notes. I don’t know if Margaret will allow emails to be posted here but here’s one I use publicly. It’s not my main email but I do monitor it:

            Do you have neuropathy?


  3. Dear All,
    Curcuforte seems to be a practitioner product. How to order it for a patient who lives in Italy please? We are talking about stage 3, sadly. Please can you help.

    thank you.

  4. Hi Margaret,

    Wondering if you’ve come across this micellized/nanonised Curcumin product which is water soluble!

    I tried a few bottles a little while ago (I’m 36 and have relatively stable MM) and it seems to have helped however, it’s been hard replenishing stock. I’m expecting a few more bottles this week.

    Best regards

  5. hola mi mama tiene m multiple gomo curcuma mientras estaba en el hospital pir una influenza y su marcador bajo de 7300 a 4500 es un dayo que les puede servir.

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