Well, about two weeks ago we received the sad but expected news that Peekaboo has an inoperable and malignant nasal tumor located on the left side of her face, the side that has become deformed. The vets refer to it as a sarcoma.

Because of her age (she’s almost 14 years old) and other factors, the vets and Stefano and I are in agreement: we’ll do nothing, except monitor her and (try to) make sure she’s not in pain (although it’s very difficult to figure out if a cat is in pain or not)…

I’ve begun giving her curcumin, mixed in with her wet food, but it’s way too early (just a few days) to tell if it’s doing anything. My hope is that it might slow the progression of this blasted tumor.

But I should have begun giving her curcumin months ago. I have the sinking feeling that it is too late…On Sunday, you see, to my absolute horror, I found two canines on the floor. Peekaboo’s canines. Not at all a good sign.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do except shower her with love, give her cortisone and curcumin, enjoy her (still) feisty, tough personality, make sure she’s comfortable, and…wait.

Difficult times ahead…