“Educate your immune system”

I just finished reading a fascinating New York Times article on the immune system and thought I’d post the link. Remember my April 5 post, “The gut factor,” on the connection between gut bacteria and cancer? Well, this article provides more food for thought in that same area: http://goo.gl/cVDygk

Note: toward the end of the article, there is a reference to the Epstein-Barr virus and the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. No, no mention of multiple myeloma. However, I still think it is of interest to those of us who have had EBV in the past and would like to know about any possible repercussions…

Links, links, links…

P.S. By the way, since I have received a couple of condolence notes, I thought I should mention that my mother is not only alive but is actually doing a bit better these days. She has begun eating a bit more, gaining a bit of weight, and seems more interested in interacting with others. When Stefano and I left the U.S.A. to return to our home in Florence just a few weeks ago, her situation seemed hopeless. I didn’t think she had long to live, to be honest.

But now…who knows?


  1. Good news about your mother! Did you see my comment a few weeks ago about feeding her Orgain instead of Ensure or Boost? It’s organic and full of nutrients instead of corn syrup and chemicals.

    Thanks for this link. I have high titers for EBV (over 3000) so that’s probably underlying the myeloma, though no MS has shown up, fortunately. Hopefully the new immuno therapies for MM will help us all (CAR T especially, and Darzalex).

  2. Relating probiotics to myeloma the research is interesting. Probiotics seem to reduce the inflammatory markets we are concerned with, and also increase adiponectin which is important in progression to myeloma. Lots of studies out there.

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