I soon got on my computer and began researching my options. I looked at conventional and alternative treatments. One day (January 2006), while scrolling down the list of clinical trials on the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation website, I noticed that there was a curcumin clinical trial taking place at the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center of the University of Texas. Curcumin? A joke, surely. I searched the words curcumin and myeloma on Google, and came upon the studies published in Blood (February 2003 and April 2004). I read all I could about curcumin.

In the end, I was convinced. I had to try it. Clearly, because I live in Italy, participating in the curcumin myeloma clinical trial in Texas was not an option. However, my main problem was that I had no idea how much curcumin I should be taking. In the beginning, I also mistook turmeric (the spice) for curcumin (turmeric’s active ingredient). In Italian, these are very similar words, hence the confusion. Indeed, I bought a huge supply of turmeric, which, more than a year later, I am still using in my cooking!

I wrote an e-mail to the head of the MD Anderson curcumin research team, Prof. Bharat Aggarwal, attaching my test results. I didn’t really expect him to answer. But answer he did, with a very nice message, encouraging me to try curcumin, and explaining the difference between turmeric and curcumin. He included the initial eight-week curcumin protocol. I ordered curcumin, and started the protocol, after having blood tests done and consulting with my haematologist and family. After 8 weeks, I redid my blood tests, and for the first time since 1999, my IgG count had gone down, from 34.5 grams per liter to 29.8 grams per liter. Success!

Curcumin and Myeloma Blog

The focus of my blog will be on my personal experience with multiple myeloma and curcumin. However, I will also write about other alternative treatments with which I have direct experience or that look particularly promising. When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in late December 2005, my Italian haematologist suggested that I do two cycles of Velcade, and then have an autologous SCT in the summer of 2006.

When, shortly thereafter, I approached him with the curcumin-myeloma studies, he was very polite, but I could tell he was sceptical. However, he agreed that postponing the Velcade treatments for eight weeks wouldn’t make much difference in my case, so I went ahead with the curcumin protocol. Some time after reading my March 2006 test results, my first curcumin results, my haematologist told me that he was sprinkling turmeric over his food. Like me, my family and friends, he was stunned by these positive results.

My discovery of the curcumin-myeloma studies and clinical trial changed the direction of my treatment. I have never had chemotherapy. There has been no need for it. Curcumin has kept my myeloma stable for more than two years, now. My quality of life is very good, even though, like all myeloma patients, my other immunoglobulins are low, which means that I try to avoid crowds during the peak flu and cold season. When I get a cold, I usually develop a cough and have to take antibiotics. In 2006 I came down with a very bad case of pneumonia that quickly turned into pleurisy. It took me a couple of months to recover completely.

But apart from that, I enjoy life here. I am married to a wonderful Italian, and we have 4 house cats. We live in a row house surrounded by green fields and hills, under Fiesole. It’s like living in the country, but it’s a five minute walk to the nearest bus stop and a short ride to the city center.

Life is good.


  1. I’ve been diagnosed with smoldering myeloma. I’ve been to M.D. Anderson and went through a battery of test. This is the first time that I’ve heard of a study with curcumin. Please advise what the protocol is.

    Thanks, Karen

  2. Hi Karen, Well, if you are being treated at MD Anderson, that gives you a huge advantage, since you can go talk to wonderful Prof. Bharat Aggarwal, who works there. He is THE curcumin expert. If you scroll down my Pages (on the right), you will find all the info you need: curcumin-myeloma studies, warnings/side effects, the curcumin protocol (that Prof. Aggarwal gave to me in Jan 2006) and so on.
    Let me know how things go…and keep smoldering! 🙂 Important thing: have your vitamin D levels tested!

  3. Buongiorno Margaret,
    ho letto con attenzione buona parte del tuo blog che ho trovato molto interessante e mi complimento con te per l’utile iniziativa.
    A mio marito, 45 anni, è stata diagnosticata la MGUS
    a marzo 2010. E’ sotto controllo da un ematologo e sta ripetendo gli esami del sangue ogni 4 mesi.
    Dagli ultimi esami di novembre risulta una lieve progressione della componente monoclonale (circa 200 mg/anno) con normalità di indici collegati all’evoluzione della malattia. Ha eseguito aspirato midollare e l’infiltrato midollare plasmacellule è minimale, l’emocromo è ok e sono assenti Zone di osteolisi nelle aree esplorate con le radiografie.
    L’ematologo dice solo di attendere, quando ci saranno i segnali della malattia si comincerà a prendere in considerazione l’utilizzo di farmaci o altro.
    Anche io ho iniziato naturalmente a cercare in internet e anch’io sono arrivata alle ricerche sulla Curcumina e all’ MD Anderson Cancer Center. Abbiamo richiesto un appuntamento per maggio quando mio marito ha in programma un viaggio di lavoro a Houston e sto attendendo risposta.
    Nel frattempo chiedo a te un consiglio: ritieni sia utile l’utilizzo della curcumina anche in MGUS? In che dosi? Quali altri prodotti che non abbiano effetti collaterali consiglieresti di provare per scongiurare l’evolvere della malattia?
    Ti ringrazio e ti auguro di continuare con ottimismo nella tua lotta. Silvia.

  4. such an insightful blog. My mother (a stage 2B Breast cancer warrior– diagnosed 15 months ago), has been drinking turmeric juice for almost a year now, not reading any clinical studies until a month ago..

    it seems you have been on it since 2008.. are you also taking conventional treatment?

    1. Hi,
      I am curious to know how the turmeric juice helped your Mom. How much does she take in a day and how often. Do you know if the bioavilability of fresh turmeric juice is better than taking curcumin pills?
      Thank you.


  5. Hello Margaret – I am ‘smoldering’ and have enjoyed your blog for several months. I work at NIH and wanted to let you and your readers know that there is a presentation titled “NCI Frontiers in Nutrition Online CME Series – Is Curcumin the Spice of Life? Hear the Evidence on May 17!” “We (NCI) invite clinicians and researchers to register for the first free webinar in NCI’s Frontiers in Nutrition and Cancer Prevention Series. Experts in the field of nutrition will update you on the role of curcumin, from basic science and clinical research to future directions.” I don’t know if you have followers in Washington, DC or the DC metropolitan area, but they may want to check it out (if they are a clinician or researcher). Registration is available at .
    Cathy in Maryland

  6. Hello Margaret,

    My mom was diagnosed with smoldering MM 2 days ago, and I’ve been scouring the net looking for information and natural treattments. I bought turmeric today, but after reading your blog I realize I need actual Curcumin. I live in Ontario, Canada how do you recommend I get a ahold of curcumin powder? Thank you for sharing your story, I feel hopeful about this curcumin research.

  7. Hello My mother has been diagnosed with MM since 2005 she just need therapy this year in March 2011. My nother is 71yrs old and participated in a clinical study with a combo of two medications including chemo. Well that was a horrible experience we thought my mom was going to die.She is now horrified and will not do anything if it is not natural my question is she is currrently on supplements but she is also on a blood thinner so can she take the ccurcumin protocol while on a prescribed blood thinner?plz advise

  8. Margaret, very interesting non medical advice-luv it.
    I have another thought for you. I have used Elderberry concentrate (no sugars of any type)for 3 years now for colds and flu virus, I take it everyday durring flu season or if I run into someone sick on the off season. When I cannot get the concentrate I use the pill form, veggie coated capsuls preferred, but either liquid or pill form is good, whatever you have access too. I am amazed at the results, I am colds’ and virus’ free for 3 years now. Thank You, Barb in Minnesota

  9. Salve Margaret,
    al mio rientro a casa dopo l’incontro odierno con il Dr.Kyle a Firenze, mi sono fiondato sul tuo blog ed ho navigato un pò in giro per attingere notizie sulla Curcumina…
    Consentimi qualche domanda :
    1. dosaggio?
    2. effetti indesiderati o controindicazioni?
    3. a parte gli effetti positivi su di te, hai notizia di altri successi?
    4. il farmacista che la prepara (lo sentirò domani) ha bisogno di una ricetta medica con dosaggio oppure con i valori delle mie analisi è in grado di procedere?
    Ti ringrazio per l’attenzione e per quanto vorrai farmi sapere.
    Giuseppe – Modena –

  10. Hi Margaret, I started treating my dad who suffers from non small cell adenocarcinoma with Curcumin. Week one he took 3 grams with Dr Best Curcumin 1000mg with Bioperine. Then 6g the week after, 2 1000mg after meal. He takes the curcumin pills after taking flaxseed oil. After this, he noticed the palm of his hands turning yellowish, perhaps from the color of the Curcumin. Is this normal? Should I decrease his intake? Other than that there are no other side effects.

    Thank You!

  11. Hi Hanji, I’m testing those same pills now, too, so I know exactly what’s going on: there is some powdery (curcumin) residue coating the pills, so you have to wash your hands carefully after taking them. It has nothing to do with absorption…nothing weird is going on, believe me. So, no worries! Just make sure that after taking his pills, he washes his hands with very warm water, so that the residue won’t stain his hands and everything he touches. 🙂

  12. Good Morning Margaret,

    My husband has MM as was diagnosed in Nov 2008. He has been through many chemo drugs and his platelets are now too low to receive any more chemo. I was thinking of starting him on curcumin. Is it still working for you?

  13. Hi Sally, if it weren’t still working, I’d have to stop writing this blog. 🙂
    I’ll write you a private note tomorrow. In the meantime, check out my Protocol (sent to me in 2006 by Prof. Aggarwal, so it’s not something I dreamed up out of the blue) and my page on side effects. Scroll down and look on the right.

  14. My husband Leonardo has non-secretory MM. Started with a fracture at T-2 (plasmacytoma). Was a paraplegic for ten months. Now is able to walk very slowly with a walker, but is in constant pain, has severe constipation (soap enemas ever day) and leg spasms. Any help for constant pain?

  15. Hi Margaret,

    My father was diagnosed with MM 4 years ago. As he does not respond to his treatments anymore, I was wandering if Curcuma could help at this stage. Do you know anything about that? Hope you are feeling well and that it still works for you!

  16. Hi Margaret,
    I found the information on curcumin used for treating feline lymphoma at with a reference to your blog. Our cat has been diagnosed with lymphoma and we would like to get some details on how exactly use curcumin extract in 500 mg capsules to feed a cat. Could you please advise or provide a right reference. Thanks,

  17. Dear Margaret,
    This is an update on my husband who was diagnosed with MM in 2011. After 5 months of chemo and 2 weeks of radiation treatment, we prayed. I found your column and our son’s boss had sent him a CD about marine phyto plankton 5000. Another friend had told us that we needed more alkaline as cancer lives on an acidic enviornment. So we started Dave on Bell Curcumin (contains pepper) 3 x’s a day after reading your blog, 500mg of phyto plankton 3 x’s a day plus PH Balance 3 x’s a day (the PH Balance is now at 2 x’s a day). After 6 months we went to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to harvest his stem sells this past September. We we surprised when they said they wouldn’t have to give him chemo for the harvesting. After a day and a half of harvesting his stem cells and collecting 11,000, he was told that his blood had been checked every hour while harvesting. The doctor said he was in total remission. We praise God and thank you for being His instrument. God bless, David and Sheila Hart

    1. Hi Sheila, i would like more information on the regimen you followed for your husband as I would like to start my father on the same with hopefully similar results. Please let me know. Thank you. God bless

  18. I bless the day I found your site and curcumin. My M-spike has gone down as has the Igm. I am still in MGUS but doing much better.

  19. Hello, I was wondering if you could please email me the 8 week curcumin protocol from MD Anderson Cancer Research Center. My dad has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma; he took curcumin when he was first was diagnosed in 2010 but slowly stopped using it among other things and now it is back. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  20. Hello,
    Please email me the 8 week curcumin protocol from Dr. Aggarwal. My dad has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma a year ago and he is not responding too well to his meds. I would like to try the curcumin for him.
    Thank you.

    1. Meenal, you can find the curcumin protocol here: just scroll down my Pages (on the right) until you reach Margaret’s curcumin protocol. The other Page you should check is my Side effects and Warnings page. If your Dad has gallstones, he should NOT take curcumin, which stimulates the flow of bile. And there are a few other warnings, too. Read those two pages, and make sure he has blood tests before and after (at least 2 months), to make sure curcumin has an effect. Another thing is: if he’s on chemo, he should make sure that curcumin won’t interfere. It works well with dexamethasone, bortezomib and Revlimid, e.g., but it might antagonize other types of drugs. Hope this helps.

  21. Hi,
    My mom has been diagonised with gliobastama brain tumour. She has been through her sessions of Radiotherapy and chemotherapy . I would like her to try the curcumin suppliment but I am totaly confused with the questions of how and when.
    Can someone please please please share Dr. Aggarwals contact details for me to get my queries answered ?

  22. So amazed of the positives about curcumin. I would like to know if taking curcumin during my 2 year remission is a good idea.

  23. I have had MM for five years and three stem cell transplants, the last one three weeks ago. I classified high risk, I have deletion 13. I am doing OK all things considered. I would like to take tumeric. What dose would be approprite for me? I weigh 145 lbs. not in shape at all. What are the side affects? Are people often allergic?

  24. Hi Margaret, I’ve been reading through your archives on curcumin with huge interest – I’ve also been taking curcumin for nearly three years now to treat my castration resistant prostate cancer. I’ve had great success (I’ve lasted at least two years longer than was suggested when I was diagnosed) and I feel GREAT! I’m blogging my experiences at and also trying to point to some of the great research on a variety of cancers and other ailments. Keep up the good work and enjoy your upcoming US trip!

  25. I have been in remission from the MM IG A, that was diagnosed in July 2013, since January 2014. My doctor has gradually reduced the amount of the Revlimid And dex I take. Now, the side effects of the Revlimid and/or dex are becoming more problematic. I have been so fortunate, but I’d like to investigate using curcuminand. I’ll discuss it with my oncologist when I see him in January. Thanks for raising it as a potentially valuable tool for me as the fight moves forward.


  26. Hi Margaret. Thank you for caring enough to post this for others. I was diagnosed with a large tumor in Dec, of 2008 and the doctor Igot shot it with radiation for 5 weeks and said we were going to treat it as a single occurrence and watch it, I was off work for 11 months because it cracked my hip and had to heal. When I returned to work I continued to have roving pain in my torso. I told my oncologist and my family doctor about this and they said they couldn’t find anything to cause it. I put up with this for 2 years and had enough so my wife sent me to her nurse practitioner that did a ct scam and found 12 tumors in my lower spine so I fired that first doctor and got an excellent doctor with great references. All this to tell you to check out your doctor before committing to one please.
    Now I am in my 7th year and have been through 5 different chemos and 2 auto stem cell transplants and the last chemo (Pomalyst ) has apparently stopped working and levels are going up slowly. My doctor says it is all he has in his closet and is referring me at my request to Duke Univ. I am looking at Curcumin and the anti-nausea drug thalidomide which has had very good results at VCU in Richmond Va.
    This is where I had my transplants and can find nothing bad to say about the place. They are very professional and caring people. I had heard and actually started using Curcumin just before my MM came out of remmision and so that is going to be my biggest hope for fighting this but I can’t write this and tell the storie as a whole without saying that God has led me and been by my side throughout the whole thing. If it had not been for me in the beginning telling my daughters to not give me pity if they see me down and my oldest telling my not too worry about it, to give it to God and let him worry about it I would not have the (what people say about me) fantastic attitude that I have. I don’t think God is done with me but wants me to fight for what I want and so the Curcumin is going to be my next weapon of mass destruction against this cancer. (maybe shouldn’t use weapon of mass destruction, home land security may be here to see me. LOL) I know I am long winded but the more we know the better we can fight this cancer. By the way the Pomalyst is by far the best and strongest chemo I have ever done. Most of the chemo’s quit in about a year and it has kept going for almost 2 years now and my Kappa lights started out at 18.000 which according to my Dr. I really shouldn’t be here. Sorry for the length of this but when I get started I have trouble stopping so thank you for caring enough to start this posting of results and info and everyone keep that attitude up and head bowed. Have a Blessed Day, Jimmy

  27. My father was diagnosed with MM on Christmas Eve day along with kidney failure. He is on dialysis three times a week (Mon, wed, Fri) and was started on taking an injection of chemo three weeks on and one week off (on Thursdays). He is 77 and started noticing a decline in his energy and flexibility for about 6 months before this. He actually fell on the icy driveway in November which ultimately led us to take him into emergency when he was slurring words and could barely stay awake with what we thought was just a fractured ankle in a cast. He has been very healthy all his life, looked younger than his age and kept his weight down non drinker or smoker. So it really had sent us family for a loop. His doctor is very pleased with his progress which in a way does not surprise me as he has always healed quickly. What bothers me is if he does get into “remission” it will come back they say within a year or so. I would like to know more about curcumin and how that may be used to assist in healing with hopefully a longer remission period. He is a wonderful caring, respectable, and dedicated father and husband. He deserves to find a way to beat this. Could you please message me to advise of the protocol and how it may be affected by dialysis? Thank you very much and God Bless you for spreading the word of this treatment, if it truly does help.

  28. Hello everyone,

    Your blogs calm me. I am 54 in Australia and very scared. I cannot get this out of head; not sleeping; difficult to go for more than 5 mins without it popping into my head.

    I have the following, as a result of a routine blood test:

    Total protein 93 g/l (high)
    Albumin 38 g/l (low end of normal)
    Globulin 55 g/l (high)
    IgG Glob 37.1 g/l (high)
    IgA Glob 0.75 g/l (low)
    IgM Glob 0.23 g/l (low)

    IGG (kappa) 26 g/l (I think this is the M-spike)

    Calcium normal
    Kidneys normal
    Haemogl normal
    Bone scan – normal (including lymphatic scan)
    No BJ in urine
    FLC ratio normal
    No symptoms at all

    BMB tomorrow; specialist says the BMB will be abnormal and further FISH, etc testing will determine actual risk and decision for treatment. Unlikely to be MGUS as I am ‘too young’. Will be either SMM or MM.

    Is there any statistical correlation between M-spike and BMB % levels?

    I intend to follow Margaret’s protocol as a starting point once I can source everything. In fact, last week I started taking curcumin.

    I bought BioCeuticals Theracurmin Bioactive 300mg, but I am finding the labelling confusing. It says:
    Each Capsule contains
    Curcumin 30mg (from Theracurmin 300mg)

    On the back it says
    One capsule contains the bioequivalence of 810mg of common, unformulated curcumin.

    So, I have been taking three caps. I am assume that is 3×810 = 2.4g. I take it with fish or olive oil and a few peppercorns. (getting some slightly yellow poo)

    Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

    Any ideas on how to stay calm?

    Many thanks for your time.

    1. Hi EK, I’m also in Australia- Melbourne and the same age as you! I had MGUS for 11 years but last year it changed into MM. After monitoring my levels since July last year it seems I now have to start treatment. My paraprotein is 27 but it is the lesions on my spine and pelvis which are of concern to my doctor. He is calling treatment now! So yes, I too am terrified. I’ve only just started Curcumin in the last 3 or so weeks…obviously it has not worked for me (does it need more time???) I’ve taken 8gms a day as Margaret recommends in her protocol- Doctor’s Best brand 1000mg. I wish you all the best with your BMB!

  29. Hi Marina

    Thanks for replying to my post. I am also in Melbourne ( Northern Suburbs). Since my post, I am officially smoldering since my bone marrow test came back at 20%. I am on watch and wait. I still do not yet have the FISH results re genetics. After I get them, I will seek a second opinion or even a third. Rather than watch and wait, I want to watch and ‘do something’ i.e. supplements. My doctor didn’t seem to think it would have a major effect (blah!) but there is quite a bit of evidence (much out of Sydney). As long as it does not harm, I will throw everything at this.

    I have been doing my own research. I found this site (thanks to Margaret!!!) and the myeloma beacon site and spend hours (becoming a little OCD) on them reading studies and comments ,etc. I started curcimin even before my official diagnosis as the research told me it was likely some form of myeloma. I have built it up gradually and currently at 5g/day. I have also been studying TAB’s protocol (see Margaret’s link) who takes less Curcumin and adds other supplements. So I have added IP6 and inositol as well. Multivitamin, vit D3 and vit c. Also starting some resveratrol. I am relying on other people’s success to help me continue smouldering. I have changed my diet (see Dr Li’s TED talk). Exercising more (walking for me with the dog). Backed off at work and generally slowing down. Slowing down my brain is the hard part especially at night.

    I had to go to the US to get the Doctors Best and the IP6, etc. Do you know anywhere locally? In the meantime, I got whatever I could at health food stores. It is almost impossible to decifer ‘apples to apples’ dosages on the different brands.

    My next test is in April and it takes a while for things to kick in. TAB has been smouldering for 17 years and it took him a couple of years to turn it around. He applies some statistical analysis to his results as do others I have seen on myeloma beacon. I am that way inclined and have commenced doing the same when I have data.

    I am sorry to hear you are starting treatment. I understand Curcumin interferes with some of the drugs so you should get some medical advice on that. What area are you located? Best wishes and let me know how you are going.

    1. Hi EK, I kick myself for not researching more on my own for all the years I had MGUS. I did go to a naturopath (have you heard of Dr Gruba in Camberwell?) 11 years ago and started on a strict regime of diet and supplements but it was so costly and I stupidly swayed to the words of the ‘specialists’ that I was MGUS with a small chance of change and they were insistent that there was nothing I could do to change the condition from MGUS to normal !!!! Since the very sudden progression of my condition last year I went back to Dr Gruba and back to a strict diet and many supplements- Vit C & D, magnesium, selenium, zinc, inositol, ‘cell protect’- with curcumin and other ingredients, a range of gut cleaning/liver detox pills and a range of homeopathic drops all to modulate the immune system and so on! I’ve made many changes to my diet- for four months I was strictly off gluten, dairy, salt/sugar, coffee/alcohol, and even fruit and nuts. I am still trying to stick to all this although I have cheated quite a bit since Christmas!!! Alas, none of this has worked – not yet anyway. As I mentioned in my earlier post I am now trying 8gms of curcumin a day. I don’t know for how long I can resist conventional treatment before i risk suffering a fracture!!! The specialist can’t give me any indication of how likely this is to happen- he only describes it as a ‘time-bomb’. The funny thing is that I am feeling particularly healthy – with all the diet changes and supplements- that it is hard for me to believe I actually have this condition! I wish I had stumbled on Margaret’s blog years ago instead of the frightening statistics i came across in my little research. Out of fear I stopped looking!!! Do you like me wonder why we have this particular condition?

      1. Marina

        Yep….it’s a bit of a ride. I haven’t heard of that doctor but I might put him on the list to visit once I get all my results. I am interested in a specialist who has an open mind. It does sound like you are throwing everything at it. I agree with Margaret not to poke the tiger if you do not have symptoms. I find this site incredibly uplifting and very glad I found it early.

          1. Hi EK, I’ve been buying Doctor’s Best 1000mg Curcumin from iherb and Swanson’s online. Unfortunately for me though it doesn’t seem to have worked! My latest paraprotein count was up from 27 to 29 and considering I have some lesions I have no option but to start the horrific ‘conventional protocol’…. waiting for a call from the hospital to book in the first cycle!!! Terrified…

        1. Hi David, my supplements over the last seven months have been as follows but unfortunately they don’t seem to have reduced my paraprotein levels and as I have outlined in my reply to EK above, I am soon to start treatment!!! I do believe though that supplements are necessary to boost overall health and hopefully will aid me as I battle the horror which will surely come with the conventional drugs. My doctor seemed to dismiss my supplements but has allowed me to continue taking some of the vitamins even when I start treatment.
          i am taking :
          2x .5 ml Vitamin D3 (liquid)
          .5 mls selenium
          1/2 tsp Vit C powder with 1 tsp Fibroplex (magnesium mix) & 1 tsp of an alkaline powder (supplied by naturopath- I can’t recall its name)
          1 tablet Zinc (MetaZinc by Metagenics)
          2 Quercitin & Bromelain tablets (Drs Best)
          8 x 1000mg Curcumin with Piperine C3 Complex (Drs Best)
          1 x 300g Resveratrol
          2 Indole 3 Carbinol (Meta 1 3 C- Metagenics)
          I was also taking a few other things for gut health and some homeopathic drops and Glutathione powder (activated with yet some other drops!!!!)
          Yes, it seems like a lot!! I’ve been feeling great while I’ve been taking everything but pity it wasn’t the magic formula I needed!!

          1. Hi Marina,

            Thanks for the reply. My very best wishes to you. My M spike is 26 (only one measurement so far) but no CRAB and waiting until late April for the next measurement – does my head in sometimes as most people on this forum would understand the waiting. Have you had a 2nd or even a third opinion?


      2. Hi,

        I write from Italy. My mom has MGUS so I am doing some research..I read that one study found that 1/3 of MM cases seem caused by lipids (fat). So maybe fruitarians do not have MM…I have no idea..
        Best wishes to you

  30. Dear Margaret,
    I would like to congratulate to you on your in-depth study of MM and cancer & Curcumin. Your blog is blessing to cancer patients as I can see many are getting relief from their painful condition.

    Margaret, I just would like to ask you one question.

    Have you ever analyse your blood after ingestion of curcumin? What kind of test did you do? Just curious to know if you don’t mind to share it with us …


  31. Hi EK,
    You asked if I had a second opinion. Yes I have, I saw Prof Miles Prince (apparently the number one person for MM in Melbourne) and Dr. Simon Gibbs. I decided to continue with Prof. Paul Coughlin, who is the doctor I’ve been seeing for 11 years since MGUS diagnosis. They all said the same thing- all are pro conventional treatment and all very dismissive of ‘natural’ therapies. I agree, the waiting can be terrible. I am still having trouble trying to still my mind from overthinking and imagining the worst scenarios! I received the call from the hospital yesterday giving me a date for the start of Velcade, Dex and Cyclo treatment!!! I can not believe it- still expecting a miracle to happen and for it all to go away! So I have two weeks of ‘normal’ before the unpredictable impact of toxic treatments!!!

      1. Hi EK, it is nice of you to think of me! Well, I have come to the final week of treatment!! I have been extremely lucky, I think, as I have felt very well for most of it. Energy levels have been pretty normal…the only strange side effect has been a burning sensation in the legs, on and off…sometimes a bit of lightheadedness. That is about it! I did get a slight temperature in the middle of the second cycle and ofcourse had to go to hospital as a precaution- they gave me antibiotics and I felt fine. The treatment has been effective to date although I don’t have latest blood works the counts from several weeks ago were paraprotein down to 11 from my starting point of 30… so all of this is good, BUT now ofcourse I have the push to continue to stem cell transplant and I don’t want to even think about it!!! I am seeing stem cell specialist (Dr Gibbs) this week to discuss everything! So I am trying to keep calm and take things as they come… Hope you are well!!

        1. Marina

          You have a great, positive attitude. It also sounds you are under some very, well respected experts.
          I had my first 3 month test. About the same although total protein went from 93 to 88 which I thought was a good shift. Spike went from 26 to 25 so really within normal variation. Been to see a naturopath rather than my own hit and miss approach who has put me on a number of supplements. Next test in August. My mind had calmed a little and I have started to share with selected people. It’s a hard one to explain. Best wishes!

  32. Thanks for your blog page, Margaret.

    I live in New Zealand (recently returned from Australia) to care for both parents who now require full-time care. I feel blessed to be able to spend this time with them and I love them very much.

    My mother has MM (Stage 3) & hypercalcaemia diagnosed in Feb 2016. Having read and researched curcumin, it appears that finding a haematologist who will work with a naturopath is almost impossible. Discussing the option of curcumin treatment was not encouraged and could only be treated as a complimentary treatment. Is this correct?

    There is a sense of ignorance from medical professionals as to what is really happening with the latest MM studies globally. I still want to find that rare gem (doctor) who will work with a naturopath.

    Mum has completed the first chemo cycle. She agreed to two cycles of chemo and would like to trial curcumin treatment for an 8 week period in conjunction with chemo (pending meds review for compatibility).

  33. Hi Margaret,
    My mom has had MGUS for years now, but in the last few months her M Protein has doubled and her Free Light Chain is nearing 100. They believe she may be developing Smoldering Myeloma. Your blog is absolutely inspiring and brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been frantically grasping at straws searching for an answer, as chemo clearly isn’t one.
    I’m curious where you get your curcumin from and how you ingest it? There’s a health food store in my city that sells curcumin as supplements in pressed caps. Here’s an example of the curcumin products they sell:

    I’m not sure if these are the right way for my mom to take curcumin. Any information you have would be so very much appreciated! My family is so scared.
    Thank you so much.


  34. Hi .. I am Annie Hillie, 62, from Moruya, on the beautiful far south coast of NSW Australia, diagnosed with a high risk smouldering myeloma a few weeks ago, set to progress “sooner rather than later” the doc said. Zometa drip Number 1 in two days because unknown to me my bones are sub-par to start with (osteopenia). That’s all so far except I changed my diet to one high in antioxidants and calcium (which was suboptimal) plus taking curcumin, turmeric tea, curried egg sandwiches etc, etc .. .. you get the picture: there’s a lot more yellow in my life. Of course my mood fluctuates. How could it not?? Two months ago I was feeling perfectly healthy, and would be still if I hadn’t done a routine blood test with a strange result, but generally I manage to live one day at a time and concentrate on doing that well and fully. The support around me is good and practical and even full of humour… I’m really glad to have found curcumin and the hope it holds thanks to blogs like yours Margaret. Again, thank you!

    1. Hi again, Annie, just found this latest post of yours.. I’m on monthly IV Zometa now, though this is now my only drug, what a treat after a year of chemotherapy! I take 12.5 gms curcumin daily.. Also ashwaganda astragalus Chinese mushrooms and Essiac tea. Was eating enormous amount of turmeric too, but have ceased that now. Wondering what’s the optimum curcumin dose, have you any info on that? Also,recently joined two Australian myeloma Facebook sites.. Do you know about these? Best, Mike

      1. Hi Mike,

        I was diagnosed with MM in February of 2015. I am curious to know the dosage and manufacturers of your supplements. In what form do you take 12.5g of turmeric daily and where do you get you Essiac tea? Also, did you have any kidney damage from your MM and anemia?
        I am taking fresh turmeric and ginger juice along with turkey tail mushrooms and astralagus. My kappa light chains are fairly high but not being on chemo has helped get my life back. Hoping to hear from you. Thank you.

  35. Good evening Margaret
    My father has cancer (liver and pancreas) his at the moment having 4 hours at a time of chemo every 2weeks. I wanted to know more about where is the best place to buy this from. I live in Essex in the Uk . What does should my dad be taking and should he have tsblets or use in cooking.

    1. Hi Laura, there are a few considerations to be made before your father starts taking curcumin. 1. He shouldn’t have any gallbladder issues (stones, etc.). 2. Curcumin can interfere with some types of chemo, so that has to be checked out thoroughly. 3. You will have to check online to find the best place to buy curcumin in the UK. Sometimes Amazon has some good deals, that is the only thing I can think of to help you. I barely know where to buy curcumin in Italy, where I live, let alone the UK. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Margaret,
        I’m Chris , 45 from west London. I was diagnosed with mm on 16/11/17 and went straight in for treatment I have most of my vertebrae fractured, my sternum fractured, 3 collapsed vertebrae a tumour in my skull 5cm x3cm. So I’m quite advanced and diagnosed too late. My first 3 cycles of VTD didn’t work so I’ve been put on DT-PACE. I’ve had one cycle and recovering at home now, just on thalidomide. I’ve started taking alternative therapies and wondered if you know if it’s ok to take all theses and how much I should take. . Curcumin, MATCHA ? resveratrol, omega3. I’ve cut out all sugar ( using stevia ) and put grated organic lemon ? on my meals. I hope you can advise. Thank you ?

  36. I have multiple myeloma and my consultant has told me there is no more treatment left for me. I have had 12different chemos a bone marrow transplant all have failed me, I have also had plates put in my back to support my spine . I watched THIS MORNING PROGRAME and there was a woman on called Dieneke Fergerson who explained that she read your blog about taking Curcumin. I want to try this but need to know how much a day I need to take and where I can get it from, please reply to me I have nothing left and I’m desperate .. my name is Wendy Murphy I am 50 and I live in the uk. Thank you I would appreciate any help or advise .

    1. Hi Wendy, if you scroll down the homepage of my blog and look on the right, you will see “Margaret’s curcumin protocol.” It’s actually not MY protocol, but rather the protocol that was used in the MD Anderson MM-curcumin patient trial several years ago. The head researcher kindly sent it to me. In a nutshell, you have to begin slowly–ONE gram the first week, then TWO grams the second week, then FOUR grams the third week. When you reach the fourth week, you can go up to SIX or EIGHT grams, depending on how much you want to take.
      Warning: if you have any gallbladder issues, you should not take curcumin (which can prevent them, btw).
      I will write you a private note and also send your email address to Dieneke. I’m sure she will get in touch with you.
      Take care, Margaret

  37. Please one question to anyone : if capsules contain 500mg , and the protocol says one gram per week then two grams and on and on , what’s the daily intake dose per day on the first week and on the second one ? How many capsules per day ?
    Please answer this. To anyone
    Thank you in advance.

    1. 2 capsules/day (500 mg each capsule) the first week; 4 capsules/day the second week; 8 capsules/day the third week, and then 16 capsules the fourth week and thereafter.

  38. Long time follower of your blog. Using doctors best. . Came across following info that I thought I would pass on to you. Are you familiar with this???

    “Majority of turmeric supplements on the market advertise the fact that they contain standardized 95% curcuminoids and while they aren’t completely lying, they sure are stretching the truth!

    The reason you take a turmeric supplement is to get the key ingredient curcumin and while organic turmeric root powder isn’t bad, it’s nowhere near as effective as standardized turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids. Here’s why.

    Turmeric root powder contains about 2-3% curcuminoids, remember, curcumin is the KEY active ingredient that you look for.

    Now compare that to standardized turmeric extract which contains 95% curcuminoids. This formula is almost 19 times more effective! Combine this with Bioperine (or black pepper) for absorption, and you have a much more powerful turmeric supplement than ANY organic supplement!”

  39. Dear Margaret
    Four years ago (November 2013) was diagnosed a MGUS IGA k with a monoclonal component of 0,13 gr/dl. Currently (April 2018) the spike raised to 0,3 gr/dl. During this period, excepted the monoclonal spike, the other blood parameters continued to stay in the normality range. As you know, according to the official medicine, my situation are not treated and therefore I’ve to go ahead with the blood tests 2 times by year.
    I started eight months ago a prevention protocol based of retinoid, melatonin, vitamin C and D. This protocol is alternative approach called “Metodo Di Bella” which is quite popular in Italy even though deemed useless by official medicine ( Before meeting your blog, I read several publications (in concerning the curcuma usage in the multiple myeloma and I’d like to know more about this topic.
    For instance if I wanted to start the curcuma intake what should be an adequate protocol for me and which brand I should to use? I tried to find this information but without success.
    I hope to receive a your feedback.
    Marco Congi

    1. I’m italian citizen with 44 y.o. , I have the similar condition .. Smoldering M IGg K , with negative K/l ratio FLC 8. I follow since 1 year a part of DI Bella protocol ( each day vitamin A Betacarotene , D3, E ) some days Melatonin 10 mg… I used also curcumin with bioperine for 90 days. I believe that in my case the curcumin have shows some positive results in term of FLC reduction , but in this week the FLC increase the level and this fact is correlated with the stop of curcumin consumption. I started a new cycle of curcimin today 2 g daily
      I will continue with the curcumin, increasing the quantities up to 6 g.

  40. Dieneke took/takes Doctor’s Best C3 Complex Curcumin with BioPerine (1000mg tablets).
    Google her name and “Chris Beat Cancer” and it will give you her info.

  41. Hi Margaret!

    thank you for your valuable blog!
    my name is Jorge, from Argentina, some weeks ago my mother, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, apparently stage 1, she’s 69, is way noticeable her immune system is debilitated as recovering from infections take longer than before, and she gets infected too often, she also suffers from reumatoid artritis she is on methrotexate for that (reumatoid artritis), her doctor said she must receive chemotherapy, honestly we dont like chemo as it kills everything not only cancerous cells, i commented her about the curcumin, she agreed to try, so i ordered 3 units of best doctor curcumin 1g, and they will arrive within 2 weeks.I would like to kow if you can give me an idea about the posology of the curcumin according to her condition, and i would like to know what would be a beneficial diet for her condition.

    Best Regards

  42. Thank you for posting the protocol and for hosting this website.
    I was diagnosed with active IgG MM on 21.05.18 with 60% infiltration of the bone marrow and anaemia, but no lytic lesions. I was picked up incidentally when blood doning and do not feel ill.

    I transferred hospitals so I could be treated by a myeloma specialist which led to a delay in starting treatment, during which time my paraproteins rose, steadily, from 34 g per litre in April to 43g per litre in early July. This gave me some time to do research during which time I found your website.
    On 17 June I started taking curcurmin (Dr Best) gradually, although I raised mine by 1 tablet every 3 days rather than strictly as per protocol. I have been taking the full dose of 8g curcurmin with 1000g flax oil and 1000g cod liver oil last thing at night, with fruit juice, since 8 July.

    On 23 July I had blood tests prior to my intended start of chemotherapy. My paraproteins were down 30% to 30g per litre. (Light chains were as before, haven’t dropped). My consultant, from the regional centre, said this would have been a good response to chemo. I will have repeat tests in a few weeks to see what is happening. Chemo is postponed. I am filled with alternating elation and caution, much more hopeful than the disbelief and depression I felt before.


  43. Very encouraging posting about the results of your curcumin protocol. Have you experienced any GI symptoms with the Drs. Best curcumin pills? Are you taking flax and cod liver oil in capsules? What were your kappa light chains when you were diagnosed?
    Thank you. Are you taking any other supplements?

  44. I haven’t experienced any ‘side effects’ from Dr Best curcurmin, no GI repercussions, in fact I feel physically very well except for some sciatica. (Better than I have for years) Even the lightheadedness which I felt (which was diagnosed as a heart condition, ST depression) has gone. Physically I feel a fake cancer patient, psychologically I’m really up & down but presume that’s part of dealing with the diagnosis.

    I’m taking 1000mg capsule of flaxseed oil and 1000mg cod liver oil capsule with the curcumin, with fruit juice last thing at night on an empty stomach.

    I take CBD oil which helps to reduce anxiety, kefir or sheeps yoghurt with my breakfast (for gut bacteria) and spirulina (for iron and vitB12 as I am deficient in both).

    I haven’t got kappa light chains, mine is an IgG myeloma with lambda lightchains. These have risen to 300 & were higher than when last tested.

    My blood will be retested in 10 days and I will be seen by the consultant soon after, there are so many permutations of what could be found I dare not try to think them through.


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