Meriva curcumin

April 18 2012 post ( Some blog readers have asked me to ask all of you out there if by any chance you’ve tried the “Meriva” curcumin. If so, do you have any results? I’m curious, too, even though I have such a huge supply of Doctor’s Best (the 500 mg capsule form) that I won’t be trying anything new for months…But still, I’d love to know…Thanks!

A reader sent me the link to this “Medical News Today” article about a recent, comparative Meriva study: Since I don’t have access to the full study, I don’t know what type of “corresponding unformulated curcuminoid mixture” was used in this comparative test…that would be a bit of interesting info, methinks…oh well…

The abstract of the original study can be found here: Interesting quote: …the major plasma curcuminoid after administration of Meriva was not curcumin (1a), but demethoxycurcumin (1b), a more potent analogue in many in vitro anti-inflammatory assays. Well, well…

Anyway, for the first time since I tested BCM-95 (with terrrrrrrible results), I am tempted to try something new…But not until I finish what I already have…especially since the price of curcumin has soared in recent months…mamma mia!  8-O


  1. I am tryig it. Two grams at night. It seems to be very soluble in water or in coconut oil.
    I also tried to test BCM-95 from LE and I could not take it. It tasted funky.

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