Pinga, our cat # 5, got spayed on February 18 2010. While waiting for the vet to call (after the operation), I was too nervous and distracted to concentrate on anything useful…so, on a whim, I put my blog on Facebook. At the time, I just went ahead and did it, without a clear purpose in mind.

Well, I must say that it has been really wonderful to connect with my blog readers on a more personal level…Indeed, until now I had no idea how much fun Facebook can be…

I also set up a personal profile on Facebook (=separate from the blog, that is). The difference between the two pages is that my blog can be seen by everyone on Facebook, but my personal profile is private (I have posted photos there, e.g.). Only my Facebook friends (and perhaps a few hackers…) can see my personal profile.

Anyway, if you have a Facebook profile, please become a fan of my blog (see below link; my blog has 58 fans so far!) and/or send me a Facebook friendship request. I am always thrilled to connect with blog readers!

Here is the direct link to my blog’s Facebook page…you do not have to be a member of Facebook for this to work, by the way, but you do have to be a FB member in order to become a fan of this page:!/pages/Margarets-Corner-Living-with-smoldering-myeloma/312414599519

Please suggest that your friends become fans of this page and…see you there! 😀


  1. Hi Margaret; Lise from NM here; always a treat to get a few minutes to peruse your stuff!
    The puffins are awesome; i’m glad to know someone that likes critters; makes my world better to know you are there for many reasons. thank you.
    i’ve attached this link for curc. just another seller but maybe cheaper than Dr.Best; may be good who knows…
    i lost your email address along with my pc after i paid someone to make sure they took off my addresses b4 it crashed; they didn’t.
    alas, lise maggio in NM (if link doesn’t work just go to and search curcumin)

  2. Hi Margaret

    Just catching up with your blog, I haven’t spent much time on the internet recently. Very interesting your pieces over the last few days.

    Happy Birthday by the way, sorry I missed it


  3. Hi Margaret,

    So happy to find you. I’m a long term (20+ yr) Stage IV fNHL survivor and I use alternatives and integrative medicine to remain among the living 🙂 My experiences with curcumin closely parallel yours. Haven’t had time to completely traverse you blog but I’m planning to. Amazing how much we survivors learn from each other.


  4. Hi
    Just wondering how I go about signing up for this blog. New to the whole world of blogging in general.

  5. I was wondering if anyone knows anything( about sleeping disorder)if we can take melatonin. Having MM and still no treatment but taking curcunin(thank god).I read that it is no good for us that,melatonin can make the disease worst..what is your opinion about this .Thanks much….Grazie mille

  6. Hi Margaret! I’m in Rome! Beautiful! Could you please email me your phone again? I think I can get my email from here. Hope to see you next week. Thank you. Be well -Ben

  7. Hi Margaret – I was diagnosed with MGUS about 4-5 years ago. In doing my research I came upon all your wonderful information about Curcumin. Not realizing at first that I should not take curcumin if I had gall stones as I did not know but found out after the fact I had stones, ended up with liver enzymes through the roof, started to get yellow and then stopped taking it. I was also taking acetaminiphen for clogged ear. Stopped taking all OTC meds and curcumin but my blood work showed MGUS GONE. My MD was impressed. Has gall bladder removed last year so thought I could start Curcumin once again but also had arthritis episode (read curcumin studies for arthritis)and again taking acetaminophen in evening and ibuprophen in am for swelling. Again, liver enzymes through the roof, yellow and quite ill. Stopped all once again. Mds saying I should never take curcumin again and I have autoimmune hepatitis and not drug induced. I am so disappointed and not convinced curcumin only is the culprit. Have you heard or read any other reactions similar to mine?? Can you please share your thoughts with me about this. I know I gave you the highlights of what has happened but am clouded in my thoughts as curcumin seems so non-threatening and so promising for so many conditions. Please, please take the time to write back to me. Thank you so much.

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