From MGUS to MM: SOX2

The following report on immunity to cancer stem cells might explain why some people develop a malignant condition while others do not:

By the way, I subscribe to the IMF newsletter, which provided the link to this EurekAlert. Cancer stem cell research is a hot topic right now, but this is the first time I have seen it connected to MGUS-MM progression. In a nutshell, these stem cell researchers discovered that those MGUS patients who had an immune response to a stem cell protein called SOX2 (appropriate name, I would say, except I would have spelled it out a bit more: SOX-it-2U) did not progress to MM. This immunity provided them with a sort of protective shield against MM. To read the abstract, please go to: I found it significant that cancer stem cells are the target in this study, not just regular myeloma bulk cells. And this discovery is could lead to a future cancer vaccine. How about that?!!!

I will end with a quote by research head scientist Madhav Dhodapkar, "You need to target the roots to really kill the tree, but what we’ve been doing is trimming the branches and it hasn’t worked." I’m all for working on the roots!

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