Holiday, holiday, holidaaaaay!

Well, it’s time for us to go on holiday…As usual, the cats are staying at home, under the loving care of our fabulous cat sitter and our fabulous neighbor. So…Stefano and I are all set to go off and enjoy our time in the UK.

Take care, everyone, and have a wonderful August! And…see you in September…unless, of course, I decide to post something from the Lake District (doubtful, but…you never know…). 😀 

Oh I do enjoy these “Keep Calm” signs…hehe.

Test results

Just got home from picking up my most recent blood (and urine) test results. Okay, let’s see, there’s a lot of positive stuff to report.

Compared to my last tests, my M-spike and monoclonal component have gone down, my total IgG is also maintaining its downward trend, ESR is down, hey cholesterol is down, too…total protein, down…calcium and creatinine, no change (both still within normal range).

There are a couple of things that aren’t so good: 1. my hemoglobin is just under the normal range…again…I see a few steaks in my future, sigh; 2. my B2M is up (again) to 3, that is, slightly over the normal range. But it’s been that high before (back in 2015, it was 3.3, for example), so I’m not worried, especially since there’s no major change in any other markers.

So, all things considered (I mean, sure, wouldn’t it have been great to have had all markers go back to NORMAL??? Haha!  😛 ), I’m super pleased with these results and am now relieved and ready to pack my bag and go on a lovely holiday with Stefano. Lake and Peak districts (plus York and Whitby) in the UK, here we come…!!!!! 🙂

Quick tendinitis update

I’m officially beyond the acute phase of my posterior tibial tendinitis. That means: no more pain, no more limping, and…I’m walking normally. Yaaay!

My recovery was really quick, or at least I think it was quick. 😉

I’ve definitely become a huge fan of physical therapy…It has really worked for me. That doesn’t mean that I’m cured forever and can just sit back and relax. I will have to return to the sports clinic in September for some final shoulder mobility sessions (although my left shoulder is almost as “good” as my right one now). Then, I’m done…

For the month of August, I just have to keep doing my tendon-strengthening exercises and be careful about not walking too much without resting. That way, my tibial tendon shouldn’t give me any trouble during our upcoming holiday…

Yaaaay! Another (big) problem solved.

Okay, off I go. It’s time to plan our holiday…! Take care, everyone! 😎