Margaret’s curcumin PROTOCOL

May 17 2007 post. Here it is, finally. I have been procrastinating about posting the protocol on my blog, even though I have written it out in countless private e-mails, mainly because I felt I should add a disclaimer, and, to be honest, I didn’t want to do that. The only reason I decided I needed to put a disclaimer here is because I have seen other alternative cancer treatment blogs do it.

So, first, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way: my blog presents information based on my own experience and research. I do NOT intend to tell others what to do, or to become a substitute for anybody’s healthcare provider. I am not a doctor, just a researcher who has come up with a protocol that so far has worked to keep my myeloma stable. I cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the application of the information contained in my blog. So, for instance, if curcumin gives you a bit of diarrhea, don’t say I didn’t warn ya! (please see my Warnings Page).

Phew. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get down to business. This is the protocol that I followed in January of 2006, when I first started taking curcumin, based on what I read etc.:

Week One: one gram of curcumin

Week Two: two grams of curcumin

Week Three: four grams of curcumin

Week Four (and thereafter): eight grams of curcumin

1. I will NOT recommend any specific curcumin brands. For one thing, I live in Italy, so my experience with U.S. brands is rather limited. For another, I do not want to sponsor any particular brand. Truth be told, I do not have a favourite brand. However, make sure your curcumin contains at least 95 % curcuminoids. Anything less than that is apparently useless.

(UPDATE (January 2008): well, okay, I finally did create a curcumin brands page, so please ignore the preceding paragraph. I was simply getting too many private and public requests for advice on this matter, and decided to go ahead and write out what I know thus far. See my curcumin brands page for that info)

2. Curcumin with or without bioperine (from black pepper)? That is an issue that I am still thinking about and researching. My capsules do contain bioperine, which apparently increase bioavailability. And it is true that my IgG count plus other markers have improved. So it’s up to you to decide.

(UPDATE: I tried curcumin without bioperine, summer 2007, and the experiment failed. That doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, just that it didn’t work for me.)

3. Divide your curcumin intake into two or three doses a day, if possible. I am considering another experiment (for the fall): dividing my curcumin intake into four doses in order to keep curcumin in my bloodstream in a more constant manner. But I haven’t tried that yet, so I don’t know if it works. For now, I am sticking to the twice a day protocol.

(UPDATE: I am now not convinced that dividing the dose into two or more doses per day is such a good idea. My friend Sherlock takes her curcumin all at once, in the evening, and her most recent test results showed an IgG decrease of 18%. She believes in throwing an “atomic bomb” (made of curcumin!) at the myeloma cells. I think I agree, but more work is needed. UPDATE on the update: I now believe in the “atomic bomb” theory…but only for curcumin, mind you. I am a pacifist in real life!)

4. If possible, take curcumin on an empty stomach. If your stomach rumbles, and you would prefer to take it with food, please leave me a comment or write me an e-mail, and I will get back to you with some advice. And please let me know if you experience any weird side effects, so I can post them on my Warnings Page. Thanks!

5. Other curcumin-takers and I take our curcumin with some sort of fat, as follows: flaxseed oil or fish oil capsules. Curcumin has poor bioavailability (see my Bioavailability Page), so until researchers come up with a more bioavailable formula, we will simply have to rely on our own research and the experience of others. Based on that experience etc., it appears to be best to take curcumin WITH some sort of oil capsule, so it will be better absorbed.

6. Since January, I have been taking quercetin about 15 minutes before curcumin. See my page on quercetin for more details. I now take one gram of quercetin a day. 

7. Before taking curcumin, check with your healthcare provider, especially if you are doing chemotherapy. Also, check my Warnings Page, I repeat. Some folks should NOT take it, as a precaution.

8. Last but not least, have blood tests done before and after you try the initial eight-week protocol. Otherwise, how will you know that curcumin works for you? ) And please keep me posted! Thank you!

May 18 2007 post. My Curcumin Protocol (Continued). Since posting my protocol, I have received a few questions that I would like to address. Yes, it’s true, I HAVE done a lot of research on curcumin, but the more I do, the more I discover there is to do!, which is a very good thing, of course. As Mahatma Gandhi said, Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

One of the questions concerns why a curcumin-taker should build up slowly to eight grams (or more, actually; I know a few people who take 10-12 grams). As with any substance except perhaps for water, I think it’s a good idea to see how our body reacts to it. What if you began growing a second nose or something? Seriously, though, it’s merely a precaution. I personally have had no bad reactions to curcumin, even when I went up to nine grams of powder at one point last year. But a few people have reported diarrhea, which perhaps can be taken care of by cutting back on fiber intake (an MD Anderson nurse suggestion), and one person developed some kidney trouble, which may (or may not) have been caused by curcumin, even though Prof. Aggarwal replied that curcumin has a protective effect on the kidneys. And, in fact, I have never read of curcumin affecting the kidneys. But, hey, you never know, we are all different and react differently to the exact same thing. So, for those reasons, I think it’s best to err on the side of caution and build up to eight grams slowly.

A listserv friend, who plans to start taking curcumin soon, wrote about having chronic pain and headaches. I don’t recall if I have written anything about headaches on my blog, but this is what happened to me. I used to have horrendous headaches almost daily. I think they might have been caused by my very high blood viscosity (that seems to be one of my main MM symptoms), which essentially means that I have thick blood. Well, curcumin is a natural blood-thinner. Not long after I began taking curcumin, my headaches stopped. Gone. Poof! Just like that. I still get occasional mild headaches, probably because my blood viscosity is still on the high side, but nothing like those terribly painful pre-curcumin ones. I hope curcumin will take care of my friend’s headaches, too.

Another potential benefit: arthritic pain. Through Prof. Aggarwal, I met an Italian urologist who works in a Tuscan hospital. A wonderful man. He just sent me three books that he has written on curcumin and prostate cancer. Fascinating, well-written and containing historical and etymological information, which always makes me as happy as a little kid opening birthday presents. There is also some very useful information on curcumin bioavailability, so I will soon be posting a few comments on that issue. At any rate, he told me that he takes curcumin for his arthritis. And that rang a bell. Before I took curcumin (and I know I posted a few words on this topic, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate a point, sometimes), I had a difficult time walking up the stairs in my house. I had to go up slowly, and pause now and again. My knees hurt and made scary creaky noises. I now dart up my stairs like an adolescent mountain goat. No problem whatsoever. No more creaky noises, no more pain. Another stupid thing: I used to have to sit on a step stool in order to put laundry inside my washing machine (in Italy, we have front loaders), because it hurt me to kneel down. I now can kneel with no problem, and pick up things from the floor (like cat bowls) without any trouble. There are studies on curcumin and arthritis, I have discovered. I am not surprised.

There is no denying that I am obsessed with curcumin. But with good reason. Curcumin is keeping me stable AND giving me many side benefits, including, as I have reported elsewhere, a substantial decrease in cholesterol, which is almost normal now (yippee!) for the first time in years. I checked as far back as 1999: it was 73 mg/dL HIGHER then. Plus, I am mentally more alert. I actually remember things now. I used to be such a scatterbrain: I would write notes to remember things and then forget where I put them. Check out the studies on curcumin and Alzheimer’s disease. Curcumin may prevent AD, which comes as no surprise to me. The AD-curcumin topic would merit a post of its own.

May 19 2007 post. I should have emphasized the following point more forcefully: before taking curcumin, or any other substance for that matter, I think it’s a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider, even if you are NOT doing chemotherapy. In January of 2006, my husband and I took the curcumin-myeloma studies to my former haematologist (who retired in August) and discussed the matter with him. At the time, he was suggesting that I do two cycles of Velcade, then an autologous SCT (stem cell transplant) in the summer of 2006. Happily, none of that ever came to pass, thanks to curcumin.

His reactions during that January meeting gave me the distinct impression that he was sceptical, but he did tell me to go ahead with the initial eight-week curcumin protocol. However, he added that I would have to start chemo if curcumin did not work. At the time, I said, “sure, okay.” Of course, curcumin DID work, and, as a result, my surprised (I think!) haematologist informed me that he had started sprinkling turmeric over his food. But the point is, I didn’t start taking curcumin without informing my doctor. I should add that I felt (feel!) so strongly about curcumin that I would have followed the eight-week protocol even if he had advised me against it. I can be stubborn at times! But the bottom line is: I feel that it is best to be open with our doctors, even if we think they will disapprove.

Of course, nobody can predict the long-term effects of curcumin and the other substances that I am taking or plan to take. So, while I remain cheerfully (and stubbornly!) confident that I will remain stable on my protocol, only time will tell.

Update (November 2008). In January-March 2008 Sherlock and I tested BioCurcumax, or BCM-95. Allegedly a more bioavailable form of curcumin. Well, it didn’t work for us. See my March 18 2008 post. My markers have not recovered since then. Bummer. I had high hopes for BCM-95. From now on I will stick to C3 Complex. Period.


  1. Good morning Margaret,

    I am sure you are indundated with requests and questions regarding curcumin. I would just like to know how you are doing and if it would be possible for you to email me more information.


  2. Hi Margaret, I also take grapefruit juice with my curcumin. I don’t know if it has any effect whatsoever, but I like grapefruit juice and there is the possibility that the metabolised curcumin stays in my system longer as I believe that the juice affects the p450 (??) gene expression and the curcumin may stay in circulation longer. I haven’t researched this so at this point it is only an unproved hypothesis.

  3. MARGARET. I would like to THANK YOU so much for the great work you are doing for SMM people like myself and others. Non ho mai scritto per il semplice fatto che il computer non lo uso frequente, solo per informarmi sullo Sport ,notizie .Lei deve capire che essendo from the old school e non abituato a mandare e-mail alla gente, non ho mai risposto. Sono molto d’accordo su quello che dici sul Curcumin che aiuta a noi tutti, io lo uso da cinque anni dopo averlo letto su un libro called “painless cancer cure” by deanna k loftis.Anche a me volevano cominciare la chemio and i thought to wait until the desease is full developt – so far so good- i get checked every 4 months and along with alot of vitamins i am doing ok .A dir la verita sono stato molto contrario alle medicine e alle compagnie farmaceutiche e nel modo come operano, fatto sta che about 7 weeks ago my wife in the middle fifty was called by the LORD dopo aver lottato per quasi quattordici anni con metastatic breast cancer.Margaret she is no more here now. Can you immagine someone being treated for so long,a sottoporre il suo corpo per cosi lungo tempo con tante medicine, chemio at least 3 times etc. We need someone like you, quando dici “uffa” enough is enough.Ci sono molte medicine che vengono approvate e poi sono letali and We need to speak up and not to be intimidate quando si trovano altre alternative cure.Sono da quaranta anni che vivo negli STATES e amo questa terra come tu ami La nostra piccola Italia.Tanti saluti e in bocca al lupo SEI GRANDE keep up the good work.A fan of yours.

  4. I am trying to find out if it is a blood thinner? I have used it for years and in addition to better cholesterol levels the pain from my neck and back have eased (no good discs from top to bottom)broken pelvis has really eased. But I do need to know if it thins the blood so I won’t mix it with something else. Thanks if you can help.

  5. … an Italian urologist who works in a Tuscan hospital. A wonderful man. He just sent me three books that he has written on curcumin and prostate cancer. Fascinating, well-written and containing historical and etymological information,….

    Dear Margaret, could you please give me the name of that urologist adn his books?
    best, pTr

  6. Margaret ~ I was diagnosed with IgM (potential Waldenstroms) 18 mos. ago @ the age of 61…initially my “numbers” were increasing by 10% every 3 mos. Then I found your website and knowing that WM is closely related to MM, I started taking curcumin capsules nightly w/a salmon oil capsule and a vitamin D pill. I began by taking 2 capsules (no change in #’s), then 4 capsules (no change in #’s), then 6 capsules (numbers stabalized!). Now, the first week of each month I take 8 capsules each night…and my paraprotein numbers have actually gone down from 1000 to 917! My Cleveland Clinic oncologist is monitoring the MD Anderson trials on curcumin and has watched my personal results with great interest. Thank you for all you do to bring the latest research information to us all…

    1. Janine! I have WM also. I have had 2 rounds of treatment. 2007 was Rituxin/Fludurabine/Dexa and Feb 2015 it was ofatumumab/cytoxan/dexa. Had a very bad reaction to the write-in in 2007 and completed 3 of 4 treatments.

      Now, Aug 2017, my IgM number is creeping upward. I am VERY interested in beginning a curcumin regimin – also with Vitamin D3 .

      Tell me PLEASE the Mg or grams of the capsules you took. I don’t know the strength of the capsule you took – and what brand, if you can.

      Many many thanks. I hope this message finds you in good health.

  7. If one is in complete remission after chemo and 2 SCT’s does it not seem over kill to continue with 3 more years of maintaince with revlimid, velcade and dex I mean asside from the cost that’s 3 more years of poison in my body with the potential for causing secondary cancers. When is enough enough

  8. Hi,
    I have been diagnosed with SMM about one and a half years ago, after having MGUS since 2003. I am on a vitamin regimen which includes curcumin. ONer if formula curcumin 95
    500 milligrams of turmeric concentrate.. It says it is an 18:1 curcumin concentrate of 2 antioxidents found in
    the spice tumeris root.
    The other bottle I have at the moment is 665 tumeric root extract and 95% curcumin. Out of the 2 which is the preferred turmeric usage?
    Thank you for your opinion.
    I watched a webinar yesterday given by Dr Stadtmeier. He mentioned that there are studies in England which use curcumin to asses it’s benefits. Are you aware of these trials?
    Finally, I would like to thank you for offering your opinion adn helping us watch waiting people.

  9. My mother’s arthritis was also healed by Turmeric Juice and Breuss Juice. Now she is taking Bio-curcumin from LEF to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

  10. Hi Margaret, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your research and experiences! I take Curcumin for Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had very good results so far. Studies have shown it inhibits TNF-alpha, which is also what my RA medication (Enbrel) does.

  11. i am wondering if you are still taking curcumin at 8 grams a day. If so, does the spice seem to be effective in ‘controlling’ your myeloma condition?

  12. Your information and research are very important for many people. I enjoy learning more and more from you.

  13. I want to try using turmeric. So far all I have found in capsule form in Australia is caps containing 500mgs. These work out at about $1 a capsule meaning it would cost $16/day to reach the recomended 8gms. I am not sure I can afford it. How do I work out the dose by just using bulk powder which I can get very inexpensively., HELP PLEASE

  14. Hi Michael,

    Yes, buying in Australia is really expensive, and I must say, I can’t understand why. I buy c. 4 months supply at a time from a US online shop. There are quite a few of them that ship to Australia, and prices vary often depending on specials they have on, and you can check out their reliability by googling reviews of the stores. Curcumin is expensive at the moment, but by buying this way you should be able to bring down the cost to about US$3 a day. Cheers, V.

  15. I am also i AUstralia and looking to help my mother who has MM. Can someone tell me out of the brands out there in Australia which would suit the protocol best.

    Is Biobest any good?

    Your feedback welcome

  16. HI Carmen

    I buy mine from Vitacost in the USA, but if you cant for some reason and need to purchase in Australia, the Blooms brand was recommended to me by the lady whom I did the clinical trials with. It is the C3 complex brand. You can purchase this from certain healthfood stores if you do a search online you should be able to find it in your area. Good luck

  17. I have also just bought from Vitacost.
    C3 was $23.99 for 120 1160mg (per 2 pills)
    There was a DHL charge of $6.99 for 5 bottles to NZ.
    What I msissed was where you order quantity underneath it says, toenter a code (provided) as get a further $25% off.
    Now in NZ similiar to Austraian our curcumin is around the $40-50 mark for 500mg 60 caps.
    I am with Libby order from the US, also no GST

  18. Also try body builders site for ‘Doctors Best’ C3 similar price but may work better if you alternate a couple of months on each one, which I may also do.

  19. I ordered curcumin online and received it. The bottle reccommends 2 grams daily. You say it is to be 8 gram daily. What is the ideal daily amount to be taken

  20. Hi Margaret –

    Since I posted last on your protocol, I too, have discovered the Curcumin Phytosome featuring Meriva. I researched this and found that this version is about 10 times the bioavailability of Curcumin C3. So now, instead of taking 8x1g tablets or 16x500mg capsules, all I need is two of these and I’m actually getting more. The reason it’s more bioavailable is that it is combined with phosphatidylcholine which greatly improves the absorption.

    Have you tried it?


    PS your CAPTCHA Code thing is ridiculous. I’ve tried this at least 20 times and it keeps saying I’m incorrect. I can’t possibly have screwed this up that many times.

  21. margaret, what sya ye about the curcumin phhytosome w/meriva? i need to get some curcumin and was checking out yoru wonderful blog. I have been taking 2 1000ml daily of curc with bioprene. Is that enough???
    any thoughts will be a blessing. my mm has been taking a toll on my bones; fractured a rib last week; falling too much and my bones are thin as “bone” china~~
    Many thanks again~

  22. I have been using curcumin for last couple of years (1000 mg) and I notice that my IgG has been dropping.

    Is any one out there to confirm this.

    Please let me know.


  23. Margaret, I’m 44 and I’ve discovered to have a mgus iga 2ys ago, with level at 0,8 during last checks. I think I would like to try curcumin, but I wonder whether I should try with C3 complex or Meriva. Additionally, based also on the experience of other readers, do you think my situation does not require it yet, or at least a lower dose than 8grams/day… Finally what is the major side effect I should consider?
    Regards, Alberto
    PS: sorry for my English… I’m Italian

    1. Alberto, I also have IgA. When I take curcumin for about 6 months, I can reduce my free light chains. When I get off it for awhile, they rise again. So I’ve been taking about 8G/daily w/biophrene. Seems to work for me I cook it into my pancakes in the morning.

  24. I came across thiw method on how to make liposomal vitamin C, which may be of interest to people following Margaret’s blog.
    This tecnique may work with curcumin, although I haven’t tried it.

    *Margaret’s note: I don’t usually add notes to readers’ comments, but I didn’t want to ignore this one (=not publish it, in other words), since it is an interesting one. That said, I VERY STRONGLY advise against a “do-it-yourself” approach, unless you REALLY know what you’re doing and have at least a Ph.D. in Biology (etc.). So go ahead and have a look at Geoff’s links, but please don’t take your experiments too far…
    Just my own opinion, as usual! Margaret

  25. Good morning Margaret,
    I do not know English, but I speak only Italian and French, I use the google translator.
    Can I have your mail to get more information on the use of curcumin for multiple myeloma?

  26. Dear Margaret,
    Sabinsa has produced a new form of Curcumin, no longer yellow, but white, best bioavailability, more concentrated.
    It is called Curcumin C3 Reduct, did you hear about it?
    It is not yet distributed in Europe, only in the U.S.A. and perhaps Canada. If you know a distributor, that would be great.(Somebody is coming from Canada to visit me very soon).
    Thank you very much and greeting from Berlin
    Fried Rosenstock

  27. Hi Fried, I actually have written a post on that (I still have to finish editing it). I don’t know about this particular type of curcumin…It sounded great, but apparently it does NOT inhibit NFkB, which is an important pathway in myeloma, as we know by now.
    Thanks for reminding me that I have to finish editing that post and publish it…I’ll try to do that tomorrow…

  28. Hi Fried:
    Read your note to Margaret. I am getting my Curcumin C-Reduct from America’s Finest Inc. in New Jersey. I order it by phone: 732-985-9899. They are pretty prompt with delivery. Hope that helps, Beatrice

  29. Hi Margaret,

    I recently had blood tests and one of them were unsatisfactory in that my bilirubin level was 35.
    Would it be OK to commence taking Curcumin 95 (500mg)?
    Many thanks,

  30. Hi Margaret, my husband has severe joint and muscle pain. The dr. cannot diagnose the problem so he is going to try Meriva. He is taking NSAIDS now and it is causing nose bleeds. Thought curcumin might be better even though it is a blood thinner also. Do you know how long he should be off the NSAIDS b4 he starts taking curmin. Don’t want the bleeding to get worse. He can’t do without the pain relievers very long due to the amount of pain he is in. Do you have an opinion about Meriva? Never saw your reply on this brand.

  31. I would like to state once again that I am not an MD, just a Ph.D. 😉 who has been taking curcumin for almost 8 years. I therefore cannot give any sort of medical advice (bilirubin, blood thinning, etc.).
    As for Meriva, Gayle, I haven’t tested it yet, so I don’t have an opinion on it, nor do I know anything about dosage, though apparently you can take less of it compared to the C3 Complex…
    Sorry to be of absolutely no help, but I’m sure you will understand my position. Thanks!

  32. I take vitamin K to counteract the blood-thinning characteristics of several supplements I take. So far I have yet to experience anomalous bleeding or bruising. I’m no MD but my understanding is that these vitamins don’t cause clotting, they merely counteract the inhibitory effect of blood thinners.

  33. I was on Plavix for several years and sufferd from severe nosebleeds until I discovered “NO-Bleed made by “GAGE.” It strengthens the mucus lining of the nose and no more bleeds. You can find it over the internet. Hope that helps

  34. Margaewt, could you please help out with figuring out conversion mes\asurment for curcumin c3 powder, was referring to online calculator which said .63 tsp was equal to 3g but thst does not appear to be accurate as I ended up with too much left in 100g containter after a month–and 1 tsp equsling 1 gram seems too much….when i was opening the curcurminoid 500 capsules from afi 6 of them, it didn’t look anywhere near the volumne that i’ve been taking a 1 tsp–could you please shed some light so I don’t have to take a tsp and measure out an entire container? thanks…

  35. I am a survivor of stage 3 MM. I am 48 with two kids under 12. I did the total treatment 3 regimen out of the U of A. I am doing the maintenance treatment of RVD. After a little more than a year, and two auto stem cell transplants later, I have achieved near complete remission. I did the western treatment. Now I want to do everything I can to maximize my chances at longevity. The dosage is a bit hard for me to put together, so I am writing down all that I can gather, please confirm..for me and the rest of your fans that are trying to piece this treatment together in 2013.

    I understand that it is 8 grams of C3 Curcumin/day, with some amount of fish oil and a 1gram of quercetin taken 15 minutes before the Curcumin. As of this morning, it seems that Wellness Naturally is available to ship to the US. The product that they are selling is: It has 500mg of C3 Curcumin with 3mg of Bioperine. To take 8 grams of Curcumin, I need to titrate up to 16 of these capsules a day. (To be taken in the evening and all at once) Will that be too much Bioperine in your opinion? How much fish oil do you take and when do you take it? Finally, I can report that if any ole’ quercetin will do, I can find that on Amazon. Is this your current best suggestion of the treatment you have created from your years of research? Please advise, and thank you for this amazing blog and Facebook page. I am so glad I found you.

  36. Hi Margaret,
    What Is the efficacy of IV curcumin vs taking oral curcumin? I cannot tolerate more than 2 gms curcumin daily and have to take it with food. I experience bowel distress with higher doses.
    Thanks for your input.

  37. Hi Margaret,
    thank you for your very informative input on curcumin. I am a myeloma sufferer trying to avoid mainstream treatment. Have done quite a bit of research on different brands and have come up with one which uses the Longvida protocol (liposomal optimized) under the brand name of Nutrivene, Seems to be the latest researched method of delivering readily absorbed curcumin. Taking 2x1000mg at night with food (playing it safe) and considering increasing it slowly. Hope it will keep me off chemo for a while!

  38. Hi Rosanna
    Margaret may not be available to answer you so I thought my comments may assist. I have been taking curcumin for 2 yrs in an attempt to stabilize my smoldering myeloma condition, it has slowed the progression of my disease, I know it will not cure it so to me stable is GREAT. There is huge body of research on curcumin including some clinical trials here in Australia specific to myeloma- curcumin, these trials showed curcumin has the ability to help some people. The formula type used in most reseach/trials is Curcumin C3 Complex standardized to >95% Curcuminoids, several brands avl. Curcumin dissolves in oil not water & is poorly absorbed into our system hence the high dose requirements of around 8 grams p/day for our purpose of interfering with the signalling path of the cancer cells plus other benefits. Some producers alter the properties of formulas in an attempt to increase absorbtion however there is no evidence that these altered formulas( except added Bio-Perine) are effective for us myeloma people so many of us stay with the proven formula of C3 Complex as above. If you choose product with added Bio-Perine (pepper) be aware it can upset your tummy in high doses so you might choose 4grms of C3 with it & 4grms without. Currently I take C3 complex 8grms p/d without BP with a tablespoon of fish/ flax oil. I eat a health balanced diet (no sugar, white flour of processed foods) walk 45 mins p/d, drink 2 litres of pure water p/d no alcohol, avoid all stress, sleep well and keep myself informed via this fantastic resource. Good luck with your pro-active approach.

  39. Hi again Margaret,
    just got in touch with Prof. Aggarwal and, to my surprise, he told me he did not agree with taking all the curcumin in one single dose but that it should be spread throughout the day. As he is the leading expert on the stuff I guess I should follow his advice. Any thoughts on his opinion?

    1. Hi Rosanna:
      I’m new to this website and blog – but have a long scientific and medical background.
      I am somehow late? To learning the wonderful potential of curcumin in various forms.
      ? Can you answer to questions for me as I am not able to find them directly on the website.?
      –? What is the full name of Prof. Aggarwal – and? His email address? I note that he is referred to on this website many times for opinions – but I couldn’t find his address anywhere.
      –? Where do I find the direct email address for Margaret? I guess my computer skills and browsing are not as good as I thought :-).
      Thank you – DOC Steve

  40. Hello,
    I have just started researching curcumin for my 22 yr old daughter who underwent a partial thyroidectomy in 2011 for papillary carcinoma. She also was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. She has been off gluten (got her antibody numbers in normal range) and takes iodine and selenium. She always feels like she is coming down with something. We have tried a variety of supplements to help her immune system and lately I have been reading about curcumin.
    I recently ordered Thermacurmin 600 mg by Natural Factors. I chose that one because I thought Thermacurmin would be getting her the best bioavailability. But now after reading some of this blog, I am wondering if I made the right choice???? Can someone point me in the right direction ? I feel like a deer looking into headlights right now.
    Thanks and have a blessed day,

    1. Luci
      I too recently discovered Theracurmin. I got the information below from the company directly. As near as I can tell, it is unique from all other forms of curcumin discussed in this blog. Is it better? I don’t know but I do find it very interesting. I was diagnosed with end stage IgG Kappa MM in January of 2013. No one expected me to live. On Tuesday, 3/18/14 my Dr. removed me from chemo (Velcade, my sole post SCT protocol) treatments because all my numbers are so good that it was just not needed.
      Am I crediting circumin with this somewhat miraculous turn around? Not necessarily. On the other hand, I have been taking circumin as part of my daily regimen for the last 9 months–post transplant.
      TheracurminTM produces the highest sustained blood level of any curcumin product. A single capsule is equal to roughly 8000 mg of curcumin powder. The first step in manufacturing Theracurmin is to grind curcumin powder using a wet-grinding mill to produce particles that are over 100 times smaller than regular curcumin powder.
      A homogenizer then disperses these particles to mix with a vegetable gum known as gum ghatti, creating a
      colloidal suspension that readily mixes with water. Because of this improved solubility, Theracurmin is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

      1. Daniel– Though I have been reading this blog for about 5 months, I have just started taking Doctor’s Best Curcumin C3, I find it difficult still mixing the brew. Presently, I am a stone’s throw away from my second remission. I was diagnosed in 2007 w/ myeloma. My goal is to stay off chemo. So I have been following this discussion about Theracurmin TM and I have gone to the Natural Factors site. Are you saying that the 600mg of Theracurmin is equivalent to 8000mg of the C-3 Curcumin? And that you therefore only take the powder from the one capsule? If so, this is great news and i would be interested in trying it.
        Thanks for your reply. I do appreciate it.

  41. Dear Margaret,

    Wonderful blog. I would like to suggest something that I think would greatly improve the bioavailability of the curcumin when taking it:

    – Mix it with virgin coconut oil (VCO) for superior absorption, and potential avoidance of digestive discomfort.

    – Or better, mix it with the infused coconut oil product from Green Pasture. This product has a very special mix of other oils in the VCO. Notably cod liver oil and butter oil, of the most potent variety. The synergy of these oils greatly enhances absorption and synergy, as numerous fat soluble vitamins, such as D, E, etc., are an inherent part of this mix. (Not artificially added).

    The Infused coconut oil is definitely the product I would recommend. The one drawback (for some people) is the poor taste or discomfort from the fish oils. My wife experienced this only in the beginning, and it no longer bothers her at all.

    In addition to the products, there is great information at

    I am curious if anyone else is already doing this. My father has advanced cancer and is currently suffering from cachexia.

  42. Hi Daniel

    When taking the Teracumin TM do you still have to take it with the fish or flex seed oil?

    1. Teneka, my understanding is that including oil is not necessary. That’s in theory. I don’t really trust theory so I do still take the oil. As a matter of fact, I combine the Theracurmin with C3 and a combination that includes bioperine. Obviously, I’m still experimenting myself.
      Aloha, Daniel

  43. I take both Curcumin 95% but also take 2 g of ordinary turmeric powder with it because I think nature may have provided other substances in it to enhance absorpsion.

  44. Just read the post about Theracurmin – would you think of trying this Margaret ? Or has anyone else reading this blog already tried it ? Many Thanks Faye

  45. Hello Margaret,
    I’m grateful to have found this, but lost in finding your most current recommendations. I had in my files a 2.5 pg. printout that had, as it’s last update one dated Nov. 2008.
    A few mos. ago, when nearing the need to reorder my C3 Complex w/ bioperine, I went looking for your latest recommendations and scrolled for a very long time but found nothing more recent. Got very tired, ran out of time, gave up & reordered the same thing, although along the way scrolling through endless seeming things from other people it seems as though you must have been incrementally adding suggestions about taking w/ fats & other specific modifications.
    Just tried again tonight to find your latest “curcumin protocol” and still found nothing beyond Nov. 2008, although I see you are still blogging on other things.
    I wonder if you would be willing to post your most current recommendations

  46. My dad was diagnosed with MM in July 2014. He did the chemo but unfortunately caused him nerve damage and now he could barely walk. In the next few weeks he will undergo stem cell transplant. Is the dose of this protocol daily or weekly? Thanks.

  47. I have been on Revlimid for four plus years and since it is no longer keeping my numbers down the doctor suggested I take a 3 month break. I was told about your blog by a nutritionist and curcumin and decided to do the eight week protocol, but have no idea where to find it on your blog. Also am doing going to do an enzyme therapy mostly because my proteins are low.

  48. I am from Kerala ,India.My wife Annie 63, was diagnosed with MGUS (Igg Kappa) in Nov 2013. I was devastated. I searched the whole internet and chanced on your blog. I went thru every word of yours .She started taking curcumin BCM 95 from 20th May 2014 onwards. The results are amazing. Her symptoms mainly leg pain,tiredness ,flash plains etc came down progressively.Today her blood parameters are near normal except for electrophorosis results which shows signs of abating.She visits a nephrologist every two months and take medicines to protect her kidneys -though the parameters are normal. I furnishing below the routine she follows.
    Fresh cucumber juice in the morning in empty stomach with one BCM 95 caps and cod liver oil capsules.
    Aft breakfast and her routine medicines, she takes a glass of water melon juice. and drink one glass of hot water boiled with coriander powder. Aft lunch she takes one BCM 95 caps with cod liver oil capsules.
    Before her evening tea she takes a glass of fresh pomegrante juice or gooseberry juice. Along with the tea she takes her evening doze of BCM 95 and aft dinner before she goes to bed have her final doze of BCM 95 with a large glass of fresh tender coconut water and usual medicines. I am furnishing this in some detail so that it could be sometimes helpful to others in similar condition.
    Me and wife Annie thank you for your efforts. You are a great inspiration for people like us.

    1. You are a true blessing to me and I am sure hundreds of us with mgus! I literally felt like my life was over and I was looking over a cliff when I was told my % had risen to 60%. I am one who is better off with my head in sand only coming out once and a while to check your website. My only thought would be for us religious types to offer up a short but strong prayer that a discovery will be made that will stabilize the progression of this insidious condition. It would be POWERFUL!!!! Thank you again and again! Mary

  49. Curcumin works for me. Started taking it in August of 2009 (5g/daily) and was able to reduce my FLC by 60%. Stopped taking it in May 2011 and over a period of 3 years, my FLC gradually kept increasing until they were back to level of August 2009, and I felt tired and worn out. Started again (10g/daily) in June 2014, saw gradual decline of FLC, now down over 20%. I have been gradually increasing my daily curcumin, now take 15g/daily. Feeling better than I did in a long time. IgA smoldering.

  50. Hi Margaret,

    How are you doing? I am curious to know if you have been able to keep your multiple myeloma abay by this protocol of treating it with curcumin.

    What form of Curcumin should be used – capsule or powder. The curcumin I began taking is in capsule form Curcumin C3 complex along with bioperine (95% curcuminoids). I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2013. I went through 16 weeks of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant in 2013. I opted out of the maintenance therapy of Revlimid. 2 years 3 months later my multiple myeloma is coming back. I really need to try curcumin to see if I can get my numbers down before going back on chemotherapy treatment. Please let me know if it matters capsule form verses powder. I have had to use a conversion chart to get my 1160 mg capsule to grams. Thanks, Fay – Gilbert, SC

  51. Margaret – Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving hope here.

    My dad, 78 year old, just diagnosed with MM. It was discovered by accident, when he suffered from viral/Dengue; and was not able to recover even after 1 week of hospitalization. He complained of terrible pain of lower back, so Doctor did MRI, and it pointed to MM. We moved him to another hospital, he could barely move, and is bed ridden.

    His markers are

    Beta 2 Microglobulin 5800
    Bone Biopsy – 16-18% platelets
    Pet Scan – Lytic lesions

    He is on
    Lenoledamide 15 mg daily
    Dexamethasone – once a week
    Zoledrionic acid – once in 4 weeks

    I have his discharge summary, which I can send you.

    He is back from hospital, but mobility is still an issue. Getting up from bed and sitting down is an issue. If we give him painkiller – Voveron, he does better. I read your blog, and comments from Dr Bharat Aggarwal. 8 weeks protocol, with 4th to 8th week on 8 gm of Curcumin/Bioprene. I want to know if after 8 weeks (or 12), do you still take 8 gm/day of Curcumin/Bioprene or less.

    Also, is it possible for you to write a summary of journey, based on what worked for you over last 10 years.


  52. I am a retired nurse and I wonder if curcumin with peperine is the most effective one for you Margerine? Curcumin optimized with perperin supports the liver and other vital body systems. But LONGVIDA oppitimized curcumin has a very strong affinity to the Brain to benefit neurodegenetive bdisorders like Alzheimer’s

  53. I was recommended your site this morning by a myeloma patient having ixygen therapy whilst wearing what makes us look like we’re flying top gun planes whilst seated in an armchair, reading, inside a decommissioned diving bell – life is never dull! And neither is this blog 😉 Such an enjoyable read as well being so informative in an accessible way!

    So my question…do you know if the same links are made with curcumin and other cancers? I have breast cancer with lymph involvement and currently take a couple of curcumin tablets and krill oil tablets (a happy accident of taking the fats with the curcumin!). However, it does not mention anything about being a C3 blend so maybe I should switch?

    Any advice would be great – thank you!!


  54. God Bless you Margaret. I’ve had Multiple Myeloma for 3 years and primarily on revlimid for over 2 years. Had a little break in treatment and discovered your blog. I immediately purchased curcumin and began 2,000 mg before breakfast, 2,000 mg for lunch 2,000 mg for dinner and 2,000K mg before bedtime. My blood work has improved dramatically and my IgG has decreased every month.
    Thank you so much. You have changed our lives forever.


  55. Many of us have been taking Curcumin thanks to Margaret’s research. Thank you once more! Dr Best Curcumin C3 is the one many of us take which is backed up with clinical studies by Dr Terry Golombick. I see that Swanson has a Curcumin Complex which, on face value, appears to be the same. It is also half the cost. I am curious if anyone has switched the Swanson brand and if there was any notable shifts in blood results. I have been smouldering now for 5 years. Many thanks.

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