Reversing cancer…NYTimes article

January 28 2010 post. I recently read an absolutely fascinating New York Times article (see: on how cancer research in the past couple of decades has been so focused on genetic mutations that other factors, namely the interactions between rogue cells and surrounding tissue, have been ignored…until recently, that is. In fact, I couldn’t even tell you how many studies I have read on the importance of the bone marrow microenvironment for the survival and growth of myeloma cells. Heaps!

Back to the article now…Of particular interest (to me, at any rate) are the paragraphs describing the experiments that indicated that cancer cells could become normal in the right environment (see “Struggle for Acceptance” and “Sleeping Cells Awakened”). Well how about that? Reversing cancer? What a stunning thought…

And also this excerpt: The basic idea — still in the experimental stages — is that cancer cells cannot turn into a lethal tumor without the cooperation of other cells nearby. That may be why autopsies repeatedly find that most people who die of causes other than cancer have at least some tiny tumors in their bodies that had gone unnoticed. According to current thinking, the tumors were kept in check, causing no harm.

It also may mean that cancers grow in part because normal cells surrounding them allowed them to escape. It also means that there might be a new way to think about treatment: cancer might be kept under control by preventing healthy cells around it from crumbling.

Wow…”cancer might be kept under control by preventing healthy cells around it from crumbling.” 

Yes, a fascinating read. Highly recommended.


  1. Hi Margaret

    I know that you take your 8g of curcumin all at once just before your evening meal.
    Is it really necessary to take it at that time (perhaps, because it works better in the evening) or could it be taken before breakfast or before lunch?

    I’m asking this question because I want to find the most convenient time to take mine without any interruptions in my (sometimes) busy life.

    Your prompt reply (as usual) would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hi William, I take it all at once, in the evening, mainly for my own convenience. So the same is true for everyone. If it’s more convenient for you to take it in the morning, or half in the morning and half in the afternoon, go ahead and do so. Indeed, some folks believe it’s best to divide the 8 grams into two or even three doses. They might be right…Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Hi Margaret,I recently started taking curcumin (3 wks ago) for breast cancer that started 15 yrs. ago. It has progressed slowly and has become a serious problem. We do not have ins. so our options are limited. I am taking BioMor Curcumin. I took 4 capsules the first day & 6 per day since then. They are 500 mg. ea. with a bioavailability = to 8 caps. of other 95% curcumins.After taking it for 1 week I began to feel much better and the hemmoraging stopped.Feeling better lasted for a wk. Now I feel as bad as before. I would appreciate any advise to make this protocal more effective.Thank you Giny

  4. You have my best wishes. I hope something you learn will help you achieve your best possible health.

    Here is Margaret’s Fall 2010 Protocol:
    You might wish to follow it with the same C3 Curcumin that Margaret uses from Doctor’s Best or VitaCost?

    Also, Dandelion root tea is being studied to kill cancer cells. There was a post and discussion last week.

    Basically, take the time to read Margaret’s articles listed in the right hand column about curcumin and other spices, herbs and foods that are of interest to cancer researchers now.

    I hope Margaret writes additional information helpful to you?

  5. I have been diagnosted with cronic leakemia and I am on imatinib 400 mg, I’m just wanderig if I can drink curcumin without interfering with my treatment.

    Antonio Alvarez

  6. Antonio,

    Your doctor or pharmacist should know if Curcumin will interfere with your treatment.

    One thought for you is to join and participate in a forum for your leukemia. If you have Chronic Leukocytic Leukemia, and CLL Updates come to mind. Ask your question in that forum, if no one else here knows?

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