Off to Cape Cod…

Well, after a long, tiring, and record-breaking boiling hot July–the hottest on record, apparently, in the past 150 years!–Stefano and I are finally leaving tomorrow for the U.S. to visit my parents. Can’t wait!!! 😀

While we are gone, our cats will be surrounded by an army of caregivers, including my next door neighbors who will be checking in on them at least once a day, plus our regular cat/house sitter AND our vet who will keep on administering IVs to Piccolo, my 12-year-old male cat with chronic kidney disease (he’s doing so well, I am thankful to report…!). The kitties will end up having more company and entertainment than when we’re around!

I would like to apologize for not having written any research posts lately. I have some studies on my desktop that I have been intending to read and comment on, but the horrendous heat (see above) has turned my brain into mushy oatmeal, so any serious research will have to wait for cooler temperatures.

Before rushing off on the last-minute errands I need to do today, I would like to wish you all a wonderful, relaxing, and fun month of August…I will be checking my blog every day, of course…but I probably won’t be writing any posts or answering any messages (but I’ll try to read all of them!)…So, take care, everyone! Ciaooooooo!