My Dad, the comedian

Last week, when my Dad was checked into the rehab clinic for pneumonia, one of the nurses started asking him the standard questions that are part of the admissions process–where do you live, what’s your date of birth, what medications do you take…that sort of thing…

Everything went fine until she reached this question: “If your heart should stop, do you authorize us to get it going again?”

Without missing a beat, Dad said: “Well, that depends. Are you any good at that?”

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  1. All in all, a very reasonable question whenever you are in the market for healthcare. Odd that we sometimes forget to ask the obvious.

    Lu happened to be visiting the ER with a nasty looking swollen knee. After an ultrasound diagnosis, the ER doctor said, “Well, I’ve never drained the fluid from a Bakers cyst but we could look it up on YouTube.” Yes, it got a good laugh. I’d like to know that whoever is going to “revive” me doesn’t have to have quick access to YouTube.

    Yeh Dad!!!

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