This morning I came across a very interesting bit of news. A group of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Delhi have created a nano-encapsulated form of curcumin €”nanocurcumin! €”which can be readily dispersed in aqueous media. This might overcome the problem of curcumin’s poor systemic bioavailability. It has already been tested in vitro on pancreatic cancer cells and has showed the same degree of effectiveness as regular curcumin, such as inhibition of NF-kB and downregulation of IL-6. Indeed, according to preliminary tests, pancreatic cancer cells lapped up this new form of curcumin more eagerly than regular curcumin. Nanocurcumin was also given to mice, and no ill effects were reported. See for more information. Good news!


  1. Margaret, I too read with interest about the nanotech breakthrough in curcumin delivery processes. My husband has been taking 10grams of curcumin for over a year. (He is 2 1/2 years into pancreatic cancer.) His GI system is clear, but we are watching a spot in his lung (too small to biopsy.) He had an upper left lobectomy in October. His doctor (head of GI medical oncology at MDAnderson and a collaborator with Aggarwal) says he is not sure why he is doing as well as he is and has encouraged us to keep up with the curcumin. A polymer molecular package that makes curcumin more available to other organs is most welcome.

    I have “pancreatic cancer curcumin” on a Google alert, and have found that this works well in keeping me up to speed.
    My thoughts ar with you for your good health.

  2. Hi margaret;
    Read your information on curcumin with interest. Discovered you on the mm listserve.
    Am interested in getting my husband (mm dx/9-06 and auto. SCT in April 07; bmb end of this month) started on some kind of curcumin regimen.
    Can you suggest something with a built in enhancer to better enable absorption? He has hypercalcemia in upper 10.6s , and anemia.
    thanks, lise maggio

  3. Hello, my father in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last Feb, I wonder if he can use this drug? how can I contact you, I would like to get further details.

    Thanks a lot,


  4. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for your informative blog and keep up the good fight. I was wondering if you’re aware of any commercial nano curcumin products.

    Secondly, have you ever tried Curcumall? They claim superior absorption. I asked them how it compares to Curcumin C3 but they have no idea. They only have anecdotes from doctors claiming it helped various patients with various conditions etc.


  5. Hi Margaret:
    Very interesting comment. I am looking for a commercial extract of Curcumin for me , which has high doses because that is the only way that it works.
    Let me know, please. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 1 1/2 years ago and the chemo have no worked for my metastasis.


  6. Hello Margaret,

    I have had MM since 2010 and you blog bolstered my morale considerably during the vulnerable early stages and then every time I was “down”.

    I have been taking Curcumin (4 gms daily) but apart from improving my immunity from common colds and other infections even during Chemos, it did not help much.

    I have been in remission for the past year and been taking Nano Curcumin powder for the past 3 months. (1 gram in before anything else, keeping and dissolving in mouth for about 3 minutes before swallowing it.) I have been monitoring monthly and Nano curcumin has probably helped keeping the K/L ratio steady within the band. I hope it works in the long term but I thought I should share my experience, even though unproven, with you guys..


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