April Flu

I must have picked up a stupid little flu bug at my doctor’s office last week. So I won’t be posting for a few days, but do stay tuned, because this has given me an incentive to finish my post on GERMS! 😉

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  1. Dear Margaret,
    Very sorry to hear that you picked up a flu bug.
    I probably spend at least as much time as you do on the computer, searching out medical information, driven primarily by the needs of my wife, who has late stage Alzheimer’s. Later, when I have some time, I will fill you in about my medical researchs. But maybe there is something I have found that may be of immediate help to you, and certainly so in the future to help ward off recurrence of your current problem. Are you familiar with the vitamin D story?
    Most people think they get enough in their diet or their daily vitamin tablet. Maybe not. Vitamin D deficiency is becoming a widespread problem. See:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=pubmed&cmd=Retrieve&dopt=AbstractPlus&list_uids=16529140&query_hl=14&itool=pubmed_docsum It is possible that you may get enough D, living at the latitiude that you do and if you spend a good deal of time outdoors. I now spend so much time at the computer that I know I do not get enough sunlight exposure, especially after October and the end of the fishing season. But the vit D experts are pushing now for much larger recommended daily dosages, because 400 IU/day in the typical daily vitamin is not enough.
    More importantly, vit D seems to have some significant pluripotent properties that can help one to ward off some viral diseases, like flu. Reminds me of curcumin pluripotency.
    Read this interesting story:

    Since I saw this story last fall, my wife and I, my live-in caregiver, & two adult children have all been taking 2000 IU/day and none of us have had any respiratory infection, no colds, no flu, nothing. This doesn’t prove anything, of course, but after I researched the vit D subject I became convinced that it offers more than we have realized, including immune system modulation, which might be somethng that could be important to you. In general, very large doses of vit D can be tolerated, according to info I have read, but you should satisfy yourself about safety before using it. I have a rather large file of Favorites now re various vit D effects in the body (which I would be happy to share), and a good place to start to get educated about D is the site of the Vit. D Council: http://www.vitamindcouncil.com/index.html
    After Linus Pauling’s work on C, many people have believed that large doses of C help to ward off respiratory diseases, and start gulping them any time they feel a tickle in their throat. I am one of them, but I also believe that at least 2000 IU/day of D is also good for us. But as for you, form your own opinions and caveat emptor. Hoping for your speedy recovery,
    Wally McGahan

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