Curcumin Capsule Results

I just received my most recent (early April) blood test results. Premise: after hearing from other curcumin-takers that capsules worked well, I decided to give them a whirl (see my Bioavailability of Curcumin page for information on how I previously took curcumin). So I have been taking curcumin with bioperine capsules for more than two months. Well, well. The capsule results are better than I expected. In January 2007, my IgG count had gone up to 32.5 g/L, from a September 2006 low of 26,3 g/L. Quite a scary jump! I was not discouraged, though. These fluctuations can happen, and this particular one was my own fault (I didn’t pay too much attention to my diet over the Xmas holidays, etc.). Anyway, according to my April results, my IgG count has gone back down to 28,8 g/L, and there has been no change in my other immunoglobulin counts. That’s the first good bit of news.

Comparing my main MM markers in my January 2007 and April 2007 tests: Creatinine is down from 0.9 to 0.7 mg/dL, within normal range; Calcium is stable, within normal range; LDH is down from 168 to 139 U/L, within normal range; Total protein is down from 9,1 to 8,6 g/dL (the latter value coincides with the high end of the normal range, yippee!); B2M is down from 1,8 to 1,5 mg/dL, within normal range; CRP is within normal range (my hospital lab doesn’t give an exact CRP number, only reports that CRP is < 9,0 mg/L); Albumin is still within normal range, stable at 49.5 %. My cholesterol and triglyceride levels have taken another tumble, so I am very pleased about that, too. So, very good results. Have I forgotten anything? Please let me know. I will soon be posting the exact protocol that I have been following since January. But first I want to look over my notes and rejoice a bit with my family. It’s a gorgeous sunny day in Florence, Italy!


  1. Yahoo! A GREAT day for Margaret in Fiorenze! Celebrate indeed.

    One question: Did you mention the value of “spike?” You give total protein; how has the myeloma spike behaved?

    I’m done with thalidomide and will try curcumin after waiting a couple of months. I’ll be most interested in your protocol.

  2. This is good news. I’ll be thinking about using curcumin and all the other stuff when the time comes. Could you tell us what your diet mainly consists of? I used to have a pretty strict diet, and my MM still did what it wanted to do. What I mean is, my IgA will increase regardless of what I eat or don’t eat. There are certainly some things I avoid though!

  3. Good news again, Margaret. I don’t blame you having a bit of a fling
    over Xmas – who doesn’t? But I did feel in a bit of a tizzy when I
    read of the consequences. It’s marvellous that you recovered
    your healthier readings so quickly.
    For 17 years I’ve had no alcohol, not even champagne at wedding
    receptions. I still decant the vintage port at Xmas, but all I get
    is the smell of the cork.(They say the easiest one to refuse is always
    the first, whether it’s a drink,a cigarette,or some Xmas pudding.)
    So keep well, Margaret – you are our beacon of hope.

  4. Sig.ra Margaret
    Ho visto il suo sito web che è molto interessante. Come Lei sa conosco
    il Prof Aggarwal che è stato mio ospite a Firenze nel mese di novembre
    2006 in occasione di un convegno a Firenze sul cancro della prostata.
    Mi sto interessando al Curcumin da circa 3 anni. Impiego il Composto
    per il trattamentoi della mia artrite alle mani con un ottimo risultato.
    Ho scritto due libretti sul Curcumin che se Lei desidera posso mettere a disposizione. Mi sto interessando all’utilizzo del Curcumin ad alte dosi
    nel carcinoma prostatico ormonoindipendente. Ho riscontrato dei
    risultati molto interessanti.
    A Sua disposizione (io abito a Prato dove esercito la professione di
    Urologo) la saluto cordialmente.
    Roberto Benelli

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