Happy New Year!!!

Okay, okay, so I’m a bit (!) late for holiday greetings…but, in my defense, Stefano and I have had lots to do…We spent the holidays with his family in southern Italy and only returned to Florence a few days ago to our kitties and heaps of laundry 😉 .

Before we left Florence, I came across a super interesting article about curcumin and myeloma, but of course I’ve “lost” it and will have to look for  it again. And even though I hate posting from my iPad, so annoying and slow, I will do so ASAP. Or rather ASIFTA (as soon as I find the article… 😎 ).

Anyway, all is well here in Florence…and I will be blogging soon…In the meantime, take care, everyone!


  1. Dear Margaret: so glad you are back again…and well, which is most important. Have you come across a very interesting article:”Insulin and Cancer: a tangled web”, published in Biochemical Journal….good old Warburg got it right…we have to stay away from sugar and stay slim…refers to MM of course too….fascinating, love to hear your comments. Beatrice

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