Just a quick post to say that Stefano and I are finally on holiday and leaving for our 18-day trip to northern Italy in  just a couple of hours. I won’t be posting anything in this period. A holiday is a holiday…

Even though we are both vaccinated against Covid-19 (he undoubtedly is more protected than I am, because of my impaired immune system, but, still, I should be somewhat protected…), we will take precautions, huge precautions: stay away from crowds, double-mask if we go inside anywhere, wash/disinfect our hands as often as possible…in short, better be safe than sorry. That Delta variant is nasty business!

But…we both need a break. So, in spite of Covid and of people who disregard common sense, off we go, armed with masks. 🙂

Take care, everyone! I hope you have a lovely August. Stay safe!


  1. Hi Margaret, I wondered what you thought about the new C3 Reduct vs the Extract that we’re used to. I contacted Sabinsa and got a reply the Reduct was more bioavailable. But they didn’t say how much more.

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