Hip surgery

Well, yes, I’m having hip surgery in late September. The test results from my recent MRI and X-ray showed that the coxarthrosis is getting worse…fast. But we have holiday plans for two weeks in August, and nothing is getting in the way of those. So…September.

Today I made appointments for heaps (or hips, hehe) of pre-surgery tests and exams. I will be meeting with the surgeon and his team in early September…I suppose, since I’ve never had surgery before, that I should view this as an interesting experience, one that I could certainly have done without…but…oh well…

This is what I know thus far: I will be up and walking the day of the surgery (no kidding). My surgeon does what is called Fast-Track surgery, which lessens the patient’s recovery time as well as a bunch of surgery-related risks. I will also be awake during the procedure (note to myself: get some good headphones!), which is a great relief to me, again because of faster recovery issues.

If all goes well, I should be home within a few days. Because of Covid restrictions, Stefano won’t be able to visit me, even though we are both fully vaccinated, so the sooner I am able to go home, the better. We don’t like to be apart! Anyway, in early September I will know more about what I’m facing, and you can be sure that by then I will have prepared a long list of questions for the surgical team. 🙂

The only thing that worries me is the risk of post-op infections due to my impaired immune system. And because curcumin is a blood thinner, I’m going to have to stop my intake before surgery…so curcumin, which kills viruses and bacteria, won’t help with preventing any possible infections. That’s a bummer.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Oh wait…Another thing that worries me is that I might end up looking like the horse in this Far Side cartoon (sorry, couldn’t help myself…love the Far Side…hehe)…

For now, though, I’m concentrating on our upcoming holiday.

Take care, everyone!


  1. I’m pleased that your hip problem is not myeloma related, and glad that you’ve not got to wait long now surgery has been decided upon. In the meantime enjoy your holiday and as far as possible put thoughts of surgery and Smoldering on hold until your return. A friend who had hip replacement a few months ago was like a new woman literally within weeks, back to a level of mobility that she’d forgotten. Hope for the same for you.

  2. My 84 yr old brother is waiting too. I have heard of the procedure you mentioned, quite amazing how and what they can do now. OF course you WILL be fine. I too will pray at the end of September.

  3. You and I are approximate with the type of SM/MM we have. I had my left hip replaced three years ago At Dartmouth in NH. All went well and my curcumin/resveratrol/other routine did not interfere. If anything, our regimen makes us better candidates. You’ll be fine.

  4. More to add. Make sure that the doc is using the latest replacement hip. Get the info and research on your own. There are many choices and every doc has their preference but what the doc likes may not be for you. My doc uses the Hana table. He also uses a computer program to simulate what my hip (taken from x-rays) will look like when it is replaced. https://www.mizuhosi.com/product/hana/

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