Vaccinated against Covid-19

I admit, I wasn’t always enthusiastic about the Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccines are usually tested for years and years and years before being approved…but the Covid-19 vaccines were approved within months. It seemed to go too fast, way too fast. I decided to wait and just stay at home, except for emergencies (such as trips to the vet)…

Then in April I read about a study that tested the Pfizer vaccine on MM and CLL patients. Here’s the press release published in Hematology:

The press release gives the impression that our response to the vaccine is on the low end of the spectrum, 50% at the most…But keep in mind that this study was carried out only after the FIRST dose of Pfizer, and that the average age of these MM patients was 83. Clearly, more data is needed…

Still, not very encouraging…

However, any degree of protection is better than zero protection, right? I talked things over with my family doctor (a genius) and decided it was time to sign up for the vaccine.

I waited for my turn (since I am not elderly, or a healthcare worker, or a police officer, etc., my turn was based on my date of birth) and had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on May 22nd. No side effects whatsoever. Second dose in early July. Stefano was given the Moderna vaccine, which gave him a very sore arm for a couple of days. Like me, he’s getting his second dose in early July. Yay!

Even when we’re fully vaccinated, though, we’ll still wear a mask. With Covid variants popping up all over the place, it’s best to be safe than sorry…


  1. They are finding that depending on the immunosupression drugs people are on, some get little to no antibodies. My DH is on a low dose of prednisone. It isn’t a policy to check for antibodies here so we try and be careful. I had the Moderna vaccine and boy oh boy oh boy did I have a reaction; both from the first dose and the second dose. Still, no idea if I have antibodies either.
    Stay safe everyone!!

  2. Margaret, please let us know if you see any difference in your myeloma numbers after your covid shot! Thank you!

  3. My mom has been in remission from Kappa light chain myeloma for almost 10 years (thanks to curcumin and other supplements) and in that time she received a kidney transplant and perhaps the immune suppressants have contributed to her remission. She got the pfizer covid vaccine 3 months ago and we retested her a few days ago and her numbers bumped up. I asked her doctor and his assistant if they have seen spikes in their patients bloodwork following the vaccinations and they said yes. It does make sense since the vaccine is basically a pro Inflammatory grenade on the immune system. Just wanted to share this.

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