We grieve alone

This morning we took Peekaboo, our 14-year-old kitty with an inoperable sarcoma, to the vet clinic for the last time.

She’s in a happier place now, so I hope, at least. A place with no pain.

Stefano and I grieve alone.

Those of our friends who don’t have animals in their lives just don’t understand our grief…they don’t understand the intense love that we have for our furry companions. And yet losing a cat can be as difficult as losing a human companion, according to this Cornell University article: https://www.vet.cornell.edu/departments-centers-and-institutes/cornell-feline-health-center/health-information/health-topics/grieving-loss-your-cat

Keshé, Puzzola, Piccolo, Priscilla, and Peekaboo are all gone now.

My heart is heavy today.

Peekaboo. My strong, beautiful, curious, tough girl. Who is going to head butt me now? Who is going to greet me when I come home and give me a long list of all the things that happened during my absence (she was such a talker…)?


I will miss you so much, sweetie.

Much love.


  1. Oh Margaret. I grieve with you. I know how passionately you love your furry companions and adore their idiosyncrasies. Peace to you and Stefano.

  2. So sorry Margaret & Stefano, I know the hole the loss of a furry family member leaves I. Our homes and in our hearts. Always remembered, always missed, but life has been all the better for knowing them.

  3. Dear Margaret: I had cats all my life…each one was grieved, I still miss them all, but I also remember the good and fun times we shared

  4. I feel your pain, am truly sad for you both, I had such an intense love for my dog who I had to put down two years ago, it took a long time to heal. I have just got a new one and am totally in love. I agree that the grief of loosing a pet is very real and if you are not a pet owner it is difficult to understand. I hope you get the comfort you need and again I am truly sorry, big hug from Australia.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss Margaret. It sounds like Peekaboo was such fun and had a wonderful character. I can understand the grief you are feeling as she was a dear little soul whom you loved very much, it’s clear just how much she meant to both of you.

  6. Such sad news. Your home will feel very quiet and empty. The grief is very real. Thinking of you. ????

  7. You do not grieve entirely alone… I have followed your reports on your cats and felt your pain as each one has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our furry critters become so much a part of our daily life and comfort when we need them. Here’s hoping that painful gap will be eased with happy memories of your sweet talker.

  8. We all know just how much you both LOVE your cat family…everyone has said all that I too could say, so I just add my sympathy also. How is the hip?? And the Boswella herb helping?? Blessings

  9. My heart is heavy along with you. Those of us who have lost a pet understand how the grief can sometimes feel unbearable. I still weep for my two that died 3 years ago. Your Peekaboo is no longer in pain. Love and cuddles and a good home are all any cat (or human) can ask for; she was blessed.

  10. Deeply sorry for the pain of losing your beloved Peekaboo. She was a lucky girl to be so loved, and how wonderful that you brought each other such joy. Sending healing thoughts…

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