A few days ago I discovered that my blog reader/friend Dieneke Ferguson had died months ago, in October. She had been diagnosed with MM in her 50s for which she had undergone many conventional treatments. When she was left with no options (but the final one!!!), many years ago, she came across my blog, got in touch with me, and began taking curcumin, which managed to stabilize her so much so that in 2018 she was interviewed by BBC Radio 4. That interview, if my memory serves me correctly, was picked up by other news agencies. Dieneke became quite well-known.

Unfortunately, she later developed ovarian cancer. The last time we communicated, she was undergoing conventional treatments. Well, with all that was going on here in Florence, I didn’t hear of her death last October.

Dieneke and I had planned to meet someday…In fact, she had invited Stefano and me to stay with her so many times; I’m sad to say, however, that we never met in the flesh. But even so, I was attached to Dieneke, her spirit, her optimism…Her death greatly saddens me.

Here is an article about her: http://bit.ly/3pcJrkd

Ciao, Dieneke…


  1. I have just been dx with MGUS and all battery of tests have begun. Waiting for the pee report. I stumbled on your blog and have started reading it from the beginning, working my way up. I tried to send you a quick “hello & THANK YOU” for having this blog and for sharing your successes and your perspective through contacts but somewhere as I meander through here, the contacts may not be working you posted. So just to let you know, you are like a ray of sunshine. My desire to go to Italy has been decades long so to find someone sharing the day-to-day life, much less health…brilliant.

  2. I felt so sad when I read that Dieneke had died, I was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage 2 Myeloma. I only had a partial response to chemotherapy and things weren’t looking good for me. I then listened to Dieneke’s radio interview and how she had found out about curcumin through your blog. I started following the protocol and have been taking 9 grams of curcumin daily for the past year. I’m having fantastic results and my paraprotein continues to drop without the need for conventional treatment. I owe my life to people like yourself and Dieneke for getting the information out there. I’m not sure how many people take it for active disease but it’s working and I can’t thank you enough for all the information you’ve gathered on your site. Like you I had hoped to meet Dieneke one day, what an inspirational woman she was.

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