Patients’ perspectives of living with MGUS

Today I’m publishing a quick post (I have a zillion things to do today, including taking Peekaboo to the clinic for her CAT scan!) about a recent qualitative study on MGUS patients that is online for FREE this month. Many MANY thanks to Blain Murphy, one of the authors of the study, for getting in touch with me about it, otherwise I might have missed it. Correct that: I would have missed it. 😉

Here’s the link:

I don’t have the time to read it before posting, but I’m sure it will be of great interest to all of us, even if those of us who are beyond the MGUS level. I skimmed through it just now, and yes, this will be a good read…I recognize all the feelings I had at diagnosis (about 100 years ago!)…shock, anxiety, incomprehension, etc.

And, remember, the study is available for FREE only this month, so hurry up and check it out.

Okay, off I go, busy busy busy! Ciao!

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  1. excellent study….but my thanks to you for being our major source of information, support and validation of measures we can take, keep it up….

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