Coronavirus can damage your heart, even if you’re asymptomatic

Wow, I just realized that I didn’t write or publish anything in August. How did so much time go by? Oops!

All’s well…I’ve just been busy…as you know, we have a new kitten (more on that story soon!) who keeps me quite occupied…I also had a bit of a holiday with Stefano, spent at his aunt and uncle’s home in southern Italy, where for the first time I tasted (and liked!) fried anchovies…We were very careful and didn’t even go to the Amalfi Coast this year. We just stayed in their very nice home, relaxing , cooking, eating, sleeping!, enjoying their company and Stefano’s cousin’s 5-month-old baby, born just a few days after the lockdown in Italy back in March.

And that takes me to the point of this post, a serious post about Covid-19…

In addition to all the scientific articles I’ve read in the past few months, this morning I read a Scientific American article on the damage that Covid can do even to asymptomatic folks: :

This article is therefore a MUST READ for those who don’t wear masks or practice social distancing, in the belief that Covid-19 is a hoax or an exaggeration. It’s not. Coronavirus can really hurt you, even long-term, or hurt someone you love (or anyone, really). So…please be super careful: wash your hands a million times a day, practice social distancing and, most of all, wear a MASK…I mean, it’s such a simple thing to do that could save so many lives…Why some people are so stubbornly against it is beyond my comprehension, way beyond…

So be smart: be safe and wear a mask!

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