Test results

Yesterday I received the results from my Covid antibody test AND my routine myeloma tests. Yesterday was definitely an important day!!!

So, even though I’m super busy today, I just had to stop and write an update.

First, I tested negative for Covid, which means that I have never been exposed to it. I opted for the more complete antibody test, the one where they draw blood from your arm. There is another test, a mere finger prick, which tells you only if you are positive or negative. But I wanted to know if what I’d had back in January was coronavirus or not. Well, I have my answer now: it wasn’t Covid-19, it was “just” a very bad case of the flu. I guess I’m relieved, since apparently the antibodies don’t protect you from getting Covid-19 again… Anyway…

I also received my regular test results. I began crying as I was going through them. Yes, yes, yes, silly me, I got all emotional. You see, I was supposed to have tests late last year, but I got sick in December, then again in January, so I had to postpone. And then, of course, we were in a lockdown situation over here (which saved many many lives!). And then, when the country began reopening, I didn’t think it was safe for me to venture out much, especially to a lab. So I hadn’t had tests in a very long time. And, I admit, I was worried.

Well, I needn’t have worried at all. My results are excellent, to say the least.

My M-spike, for example, has gone under 3 g/dL for the first time since 2012!!! It’s 2.9 now. Amazing!

My total IgG has gone down 820 mg/dL, which takes it to 2010 levels. I would like to note here that in 2013 all of my main markers worsened…It was a very difficult, stressful year for me and for Stefano (not for our relationship, which has always been very very solid). My total IgG shot up to slightly over 6000 g/L, which really scared me, and not just me. But, in agreement with my doctor and Stefano, I worked on getting my stress levels under control, among other things. Well, those efforts paid off. That number started going down with every single test, slowly but surely. And now we’re back in the 3000 mg/dL range. It’s taken time and dedication, but, amazingly…I did it!

All my other markers are good, too. Either they’ve gone down a bit or they have remained stable, in the normal range, mostly. My IgM and IgA, of course, are still VERY low, but they are the same as they have been, as far back as 2016.

Hemoglobin and hematocrit = normal range. My red cell count is slightly under the normal range, 4,10 instead of 4,20, but it’s higher than it was last year (3.86). White cells, platelets, calcium, uric acid, creatinine = all normal. And…no Bence Jones.

There are a couple of negative items. My Freelite chains are slightly higher than they were last year, but they’ve been even higher in the past, so I’m not concerned.

My B2M concerns me more. It should be a maximum of 2.5 mg/L, but it’s 2.9 now. However, like the Freelites, this marker has also been higher in the past…In fact, it was 3.0 last year. So, again, no big concern.

All in all, therefore, THREE CHEERS FOR THESE TEST RESULTS!!! I’m super relieved, super pleased. Tomorrow we’re going to celebrate…We’re having a couple of close friends over for lunch and will spend the afternoon watching their little girl play with Potter. Hehe. Fun!

Come to think of it, I wonder if the anticipation of getting another cat had something to do with my good results. Did Potter work his magic on my tests?

Who knows…! 😎 


  1. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for your news!!! Keep strong and thanks for everything!!!!! You are amazing!!

  2. Congratulations on your tests results. I too had very similar situation with delayed testing and thought I had Covid-19. I just got my results back and was told I was in remission for the first time since I heard the words Multiple Myeloma 15 years ago. I will continue to take my Curcumin everyday. I am not on any drugs. Curcumin, Vitamin D and excersice seem to be working. Till the next test. Stay calm and carry on

    1. Hi Lisa
      I came across the great news in your post of 24 July 2020 by chance. Could you please let me know how much curcumin and vitamin D you take and your regime for taking it.
      Thank you
      Best wishes

    2. Hi Lisa.
      I was diagnosed with MM 6 months ago. How many pills do you take ?
      I finished with Chemo and I won’t continue with the conventional treatment.
      Could you help me?
      Thank you so much.
      Best regards.

    3. Hi Lisa,
      I was wondering if you had replied to my post of 22 August. I have been having problems with my emails so could you please reply to my new email.
      Many thanks

  3. Your post is motivation for me to do better with water and exercise. Congratulations!!, also motivation for me to go get lab work, ugh.
    Regarding antibodies, I also though I had covid the first of March but the blood test said no.
    If you have not yet seen this, a good presentation about antibody testing and MM immunity against reinfections by Dr. Stephen Russell from the Mayo Clinic and video and written dialog is on Myeloma Crowd.

  4. Yah wonderful results, so happy for you, Margaret, I get mine on Wednesday, still smoldering no treatment, 10 years here.

  5. Very happy to read that you have very good results!
    Now a doctor has brought up the negative role of stress in illness, and I ask myself the question (not very medical): have cats lowered stress levels? perhaps ! because when they purr, you feel good and calm!
    Potter is so cute !

  6. Fantastic news on your test results!!!
    I’m so happy for you, never underestimate the power of your blog to inspire people. Having your blog out there is such a gift that you give to others in a similar situation. It continues to give me such hope and strength. Thank you.

  7. So happy for you….hard work pays off, as well as having the brains…to know what to do….thank you for being…take care, Beatrice

  8. Hi Lisa,
    That is terrific news you received! May I ask, how much curcumin you take each day and if you take it all at once or in does throughout the day, on empty stomach? etc. Thanks in advance.

  9. Excellent news Margaret. I was checking for your Covid test, then as you say the antibodies seem to only last a few months anyway..So GOOD news regardless. As for lockdown saving MANY lives YES we in New Zealand can attest to that, pity Sweden chose a other path…NZ 5 million 22 deaths, Sweden 10.2 million 5700 deaths. Australia refused to lockdown as hard. And now it’s out of control announced today in Melbourne, with se eral borders closed.

  10. Great news! I wanted to point out though that I saw a study stating the covid antibodies only last 70 days after exposure. So it appears that you could have been exposed to covid 90 days before the test and it wouldn’t show up on the test. I too tested negative only to find out out later I could have been exposed. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200723/study-says-covid-19-antibodies-fade-quickly.
    “The team studied antibody levels in 34 people who previously had COVID-19. Between ages 21-68, their average age was 43, and most had mild illness. Two people received supplemental oxygen.The research team took two measurements — one a little over a month after the onset of symptoms and the other about three months after symptoms began. So far, researchers have reported that antibodies form within about 2 weeks of symptoms starting. All of the participants had varying levels of antibodies, and some levels declined more rapidly than others. The average decline corresponded with a half-life of about 73 days, they wrote.”

  11. Wonderful news for you! I’ve been following you off and on for years, but, now that I have SMM rather than MGUS, I’m following even more closely. Thank you for providing so much invaluable information!!

  12. Hi Margaret
    Love that kitten. I lost my beautiful fur baby 6 weeks ago, he got to 19,5 years. I miss him so much and I still see him sometimes out of the corner of my eye. I still check the water bowl every now and again, it’s just a habit after so many years.
    My husband wants to get a kitten, but I am still grieving for my Timmy, and don’t want to replace him.
    I just got my test done yesterday and awaiting results and I am wondering if they will have headed in the wrong direction, due to my grieving, which may be a type of stress.

  13. Dear Margaret I am new to your site and find your posts very inspiring! I am wondering if you could email me your Curcumin protocol?. My monoclonal protein was non existent for 18 months, then after a few stressful weeks in early April it was 4g/L and more stress, lots of late nights and weight gain/ Covid kgs see my recent tests indicate it is 12g/L it everything else is normal . Have appt and another test on 30/10. Any advice re supplements, etc would be gratefully received and appreciated. I am in OZ . warm regards and many blessings your way, Mia

  14. I’ve posted a few times here that my results are trickling in….so I do not know what I have or am at this point…except STRESSED. I’ve tried losing weight for many years and now, it is literally melting off of me…from the stress. My biggest concern is that if I will be watched 3, 6, 9 months…THAT anxiety may be my killer.
    Congrats on the good labs. If you have tips on how not to stress going for these, please share!

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