Music that brings people together

Last night Stefano and I watched a lovely TV program called, in Italian, “Musica che unisce,” literally translated as Music that unites.

In addition to comedians, actors (Luca ZIngaretti, whom I adore), dancers (Roberto Bolle) athletes (Federica Pellegrini), and even regular folks like us, 25 well-known Italian musicians (Andrea Bocelli, see photo below, and the Three Tenors, e.g.) got together, from their homes, to thank and raise money for Italy’s Protezione Civile, similar to a Civil Defense, which has the goal of predicting, preventing and managing national disasters and catastrophes, both natural and human-made. Together with our doctors and medical workers, the Protezione Civile has been amazing, simply amazing, during this  disastrous coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

Last night’s program was really inspiring. The musicians played and sang from their homes, as I mentioned above…No audiences, no clapping, no cheering. Only…music. Yes, very inspiring. I confess that I got a bit emotional here and there. There were also a few doctors who explained what Covid-19 is and how to protect ourselves from it. One of the nicest moments was when doctors and nurses played and sang songs, too…

Italy has shown the world HOW to react to the spread, to the invasion of this horrible virus. Italians were THE FIRST to clap (in thanks to doctors and nurses) and sing from their windows and balconies. A united country. Yes, true, a minority of ignorant fools have ignored the lockdown rules, and many will be paying the consequences of their actions, but the same thing is happening in several European countries right now.

In general, though, we have all stayed at home, staying safe…not just for ourselves but for everyone else.

I am so proud of Italy…What an amazing country!

Thanks to Jacqueline, I was able to post the program here. Yes, it’s in Italian, of course, but there’s a lot of music, too, and beautiful images of this beautiful country (oh silly me, getting emotional again), so I hope that even those who don’t understand Italian will be able to enjoy it.


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