Flying poop particles

Throughout the years, because of my teeny tiny immune system, I’ve become rather obsessed with washing my hands, which I do A LOT, several times a day. And, when I’m not near soap and water, I use an Italian hand sanitizer that I always have in my purse.

Public bathrooms…Sometimes you just have to use them (say, in an airport), but boyohboy, I try to be super careful. Anyway, at some point, paper towels were replaced by high tech hot air hand dryers. I was suspicious of them from the start, but I didn’t know why. I think I might have used them once or twice…that’s it.

Then, in 2011, I watched an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” (see below 😀 ) in which Sheldon goes on a rant against these hand dryers. I did some research at that point, and now, if I’m in a public bathroom, and someone begins using a hot air hand dryer, I get out of the way/bathroom as fast as I can. Thanks, Sheldon! 😉

I’m writing about this today because I just came across a new study confirming that Sheldon was right (yes, yes, I know he’s a fictitious character 😉 ). Here’s an easy-to-read synopsis:

The actual study can be found in PubMed:

If you’re super interested in this enthralling topic, you can also check out this recent New York Times article discussing what apparently happened when a petri dish was put in an enclosed Dyson hand dryer in a women’s restroom:


But what if there is no other way you can dry your hands in a public bathroom, you might ask? Well, simply wipe them on your clothes, if possible, or have a Kleenex ready.

That’s what I do.

P.S. Oh, and please please please, always put the toilet lid DOWN before flushing. Yes, you got it: more flying poop and pee particles…AGGGHHHHH!

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