Bone marrow biopsies begone!

The days of painful, or very painful!, BMBs, without sedation, blablablablaetcetcetc, are almost over…or so it seems.

We may soon be able just to have a simple blood test, thanks to the work of a University of Kansas team that has developed a small plastic chip, the size of a credit card, which can yield the same information as a BMB. No pain, no discomfort. Nada. Just a blood test…

You can read all about it in this Science Daily article:

As someone who has always had painful BMBs, without sedation, I find this bit of news to be nothing short of FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffantastic!!!


  1. I think I fear the bmb as much as fear a return of the spike. This is fabulous and I hope it is commercialised and accepted soon!

  2. Sorry your bone marrow biopsies were painful. I felt nothing but a little pressure. I was braced for a lot of pain but felt nothing.

    I was just thinking yesterday that they will probably develop some sort of correlation between the biopsy numbers and the blood counts for IGA/IGM/IGG, Kappa LC and Lamda LC so that they wouldn’t need the biopsies anymore.

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