It isn’t plantar fasciitis after all…

On the recommendation of our GP, yesterday I went to one of Florence’s most famous chiropractors who is also a physiotherapist and an acupuncturist.

I told him (and another female doctor who was there taking notes) my heel pain story. He asked me a few questions and then declared: “It’s not plantar fasciitis.” I was stunned. So what is it?, I asked.

He gave me an exhaustive and detailed explanation, which, unfortunately, I remember only in bits and pieces. But here’s the gist: my heel pain turned out to be merely the final step of a series of events that began when I got new eyeglasses back in October-November 2017. In a nutshell, my new glasses put a strain on my left eye, which at some point caused a “bad something” to happen in my left mandibular region. That “bad something” eventually traveled all the way down to my right hip, making me walk in a “funny” way…until finally it affected my right heel. I felt discomfort and pain only when it reached my heel.

Well, I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. Eyeglasses causing heel pain??? His explanation just sounded too convoluted. But then he proceeded to press down, at times quite hard, on certain points of my body (ouch!), including my right hip (curious note: near or possibly ON the area of one of my BMB tests…).

The result is that today I HAVE NO PAIN IN MY HEEL. None. Zero. Zilch. It’s all gone. Well, the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. The doctor said it will take three more sessions to get me back to normal, but I already feel fabulous…and I admit that my initial skepticism has all but disappeared…

Another thing we discussed was my cat allergy.

He says he’s going to fix that, too (!!!???!!!), so that I won’t have to resort to drugs anymore (Ventolin, e.g.) in order to live more easily with our beloved 7 kitties. He pressed some areas in my hand or wrist to work on the allergy, as I recall (I was so busy answering questions that I don’t remember, exactly).

In addition (what follows has to do with the cat allergy, not the heel pain, eh), he told me to stop drinking anything containing milk. Deep breath. Okay, Margaret, you can do this…

And so this morning I had a soyaccino instead of my usual cappuccino. The taste isn’t great, no not great at all, but, well,  acceptable, I guess…although my first reaction was: yuckrevoltingbleahcan’t-stand-it!!! Note: this was my first taste ever of soy milk (organic, of course). I think I can get used to it. If not, I’ll switch to tea…

It’s going to be more difficult to give up sugar, which is the second thing he recommended. He said it wouldn’t be forever…just for a while (months, probably). The benefits would be immense…I mean, I wouldn’t be allergic to the kitties anymore…I wouldn’t gasp and reach for my Ventolin anymore…That would indeed be great.

I have to admit, though, that right now the idea of giving up both milk AND sugar is tough…

For TODAY, though, I’m simply enjoying being able to walk normally again.

Feeling good!  😀 


  1. Margaret,
    So happy to hear of your experience with the Chiropractor. I had a similar experience and have been able clear up several issues by good chiropractic care, including sinus issues, without medication. I was experiencing hip pains and severe stiffness. Discovered my body was so out of balance, a 30 pound imbalance between my left side and right side in the distribution of my weight, thus causing wear and tear on my joints. After several sessions of adjustments, my hip pain was and has remained completely gone! The ability to walk and exercise more has had such beneficial effects, not to mention reducing that old enemy, inflammation! In addition, as my frame has strengthened, my chiro pointed out my improved posture would allow my vital organs to work better. Makes sense to me. BUT, I have really struggled with giving up milk!
    Best to you and your kitties.

  2. Hi Margaret…wanted you to know that there are literally DOZENS of products you can add to your coffee to substitute for milk. Soy products are only some. There are many coffee creamers and “milks” made from almonds, from coconut, etc.

    Avoiding milk products will greatly IMPROVE your health. You will also not be supporting the milk industry which is rife with animal cruelty and environmental harm.

    My family has been vegetarian and vegan for decades and have welcomed improved good physical health. A further reward is the joy that comes from knowing that we are living lives that put substance to the words “we love animals”.

    Thank you so much for all your work these many years! God bless you.


  3. This kind of information, plus that you are such a likable person, makes me glad that I follow your writing. I love finding good information and doctors and that I know a smart writer/researcher in Italy.

  4. Love your Chiro…. Have you tried coconut milk in liquid or powder form..Giving up sugar is a great idea, keeps your brain healthy and more. We need you healthy, just for your advise and humor….

  5. well…my heels also hurt and i use to wear glasses. interesting information maybe i should look for a chiro dr…..

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