Disappointing andrographolide

I received my blood test results yesterday afternoon. I’m not pleased at all. In fact, after comparing these results to my previous ones, I went into a bit of a funk and decided to take the rest of the day off…  👿

When Stefano got home from work and heard about the tests, he admitted that he, too, was disappointed, but he added, “you’ll figure out something. You always have.”

My no. 1 fan…!!!  🙂 

Okay, here goes. The main negative is that my total IgG shot up quite a bit. It had been going down pretty much steadily since 2013 (when it also shot up unexpectedly), but yesterday’s results took it back up to the 2013 levels. Aggggh!!! My M-spike also went up, but I should note that it has been higher, so that doesn’t concern me as much…

I’ve been trying to think of possible REASONS and have come up with a bunch of ’em, which are, of course, mere suppositions on my part, since I cannot possibly know WHY this experiment wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped it would be:

  • perhaps curcumin and andrographolide aren’t synergistic. I took them at the same time every day. A mistake?
  • perhaps the brand was not as good as I thought. I checked it out before ordering it, of course, and it seemed fine to me (a German brand, no bad reviews online, etc.), but…you never know…
  • 1. as we know, stress affects myeloma, and 2. I’ve been under quite a bit of stress lately, between Stefano’s shingles and my plantar fasciitis, e.g. Since stress had such a negative effect on my test results in 2013, I just have to wonder if it could have happened again.

The bottom line is: WHO KNOWS?

That said, my other markers are actually okay:

  • no Bence Jones;
  • kappa/lambda ratio, down a bit (a descending trend since 2016);
  • uric acid, within normal range (note: it hasn’t been normal since 2010);
  • CRP, fine;
  • B2M, normal (note: it hasn’t been normal since 2009, but I’ve never been concerned because it has been only slightly above normal range…still, it’s good to have it within the range now);
  • no change in the other two immunoglobulins, which are low but holding their own;
  • total protein, slightly lower compared to last tests;
  • calcium and creatinine, lower and still nicely within the normal range.
  • hemoglobin and hematocrit are fine…both within the normal range.

So the rest of my results are acceptable, or as acceptable as smoldering myeloma results can be (!!!).

The puzzler is merely this jump in total IgG.

Any thoughts? I know that a few of you began taking andrographolide at the same time I did (toward the end of February, more or less). Have you had your tests yet? Oh I so hope your results will be BETTER, much better!, than mine (that would show that the stress thesis is indeed correct…).

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to read that I will NOT be experimenting with any new extracts anytime soon. I need to get my IgG back DOWN, so, starting today, I’m going back on Reishi, which has done so well for me, and possibly ashwagandha (ditto), if I can find a reliable ashwagandha seller over here in Italy.

But oh how bloody disappointing. I was sooo enthusiastic about andrographolide. I still believe, strongly!, that it holds promise as one of the only (two) substances that attack myeloma stem cells, but more research is needed…and caution, too, obviously.

Well, this has taught me what I think is a good lesson: never ever test a new substance during a period of stress. At the first signs of stress, stop the test. Resume it only once things have gone back to normal. From now on, that is what I will do…


  1. Hi Margaret! I am sorry to hear you are worried about the latest test results. I really think stress affects our situation! I have been under stress the last six months too, as our daughter decided to move to the US. Now both kids are over there and I am here in Germany because of the superior health care, among other things. I am having a very hard time adjusting to this situation! And my last lab results were not as good either. I had the test just a few days after my return from the states, mid jet-lag, and my doctor agreed that those long international flights are hard on the kidneys. BUT….she was not worried about my results so I decided to try not to worry either! Harder said than done! But I really think your situation may be really due to stress and I hope your next check up will be more assuring! Hugs!

  2. I would highlight stress. I believe it to be a trigger, which can also be a trigger for shingles. After reading Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, I understand the connection better and it makes sense to me. We have to give our body the positive inputs, such as diet, supplements etc., but also deal with and minimize negative inputs in the way of stress. Stressful periods become water under the bridge, as they say, and the body has to get back get back on track, which takes time. Net positive at the end of the day. Best medicine for that is your kitties, which will catch up with you as net positives. Just my opinion!
    Best of luck!

  3. Hi

    You were a great inspiration for people like me. An increase in Igg Kappa and the
    M protein spike is a cause of concern,no doubt. I am sure you would be in a position to
    Figure out the reasons and a quick correction would follow. In any case there no reason to despair as all the rest of your parameters appear normal.

    I greatly appreciate your blog.


  4. Hi Margaret
    My name is Renata and I am from Croatia. I am smoldering mieloma igg kapa light chain in serum and urine. I followed your blog for almost one year and it helped me a lot to understand this desses and be informed. I begin to take curcuma dc’s best with bio perine. I bought this in USA. My daughter lives there and she ordered on amazon prime. My question is where you guys buy this suplements here in Europe and which brend. Sorry for your tests, my urine kappa light chains also is not fine, but my hematologist do not have time to explain me after three weeks testing done. I was also under the stress

    before testing, and I am steel, because here in Rijeka we do not have good specialist for mieloma. I was too long, sorry.
    Best of luck.

  5. Margaret, if you want I can send you aswagandha. Just let me know! I am too concernef with mt husbdnd’ results, the doctors here recommend chemiotherapy anyway even with smoldering….i am pretty angry with that. he also has high igG and lambda chains but good FISH and catscan. no kidney problems nor high calcium levels.

  6. I agree that stress is a huge factor in many changes in the body. Sadly we are all human and at times we just cannot stop it overwhelming us! I think that your outlook, and the way that you handle this all, is a true inspiration! Never underestimate how much good you are doing with this blog! It is a constant comfort and source of info for us all… in a very scary and lonely journey at times. Like your hubbie says I am sure that you will figure something, however don’t let this stress you. ?

  7. Hi Margaret

    I have Igg kappa SMM as well (same age as you but only 2.5 years into the journeyl). I have high M-spike at 30g/l, high total protein at up to 101g/l, and Igg 32g/l. It is the highest mine have been. However, my doc is not worried at all as FLC is only slightly elevated and no CRAB. Doesn’t want to see me for another 5 months and tells me my results are boring. It’s good to be boring to an Onc/Haemo! I would not stress too much as the difference could be your good Igg kicking in. I take curcumin, vit D, vit C, vit E, mushroom complex and a few others including a quercetin and bromelein mix. Perhaps stopping quercetin has influenced it. Don’t stress as it could also be natural variation. The trend on the graphs say more than the latest point.
    You are a marvel and have helped me formulate my approach to this ever present beast. Thank you.

  8. Hi Margaret,

    I would like to know what brand and dosage of reishi mushrooms you take. I have read about it but haven’t tried it.

    Thank you.

  9. So sorry to hear about your declining values. I am a strong believer in keeping my BS under tight control, how is your HgA1c? It appears there is a paper talking about the possible connection and MGUS. Stress of course can influence our health in a big way. Take care and hope you will figure it out.

  10. I’ll tell you why this happened. Curcumin doesn’t like you cheating on it. Dance only with the one who brought you. 😉

  11. hi Margaret – just thought of you and found you – safe and sound – great – I am good too –
    I don’t know about the andro…. you were taking, but I had a bad sinus infection a couple of years ago and took antibiotics which really affected some of my numbers – and not in a good way – maybe the andro… had the same effect on your numbers – take care – we are still freezing here in Ottawa – -0C this morning…

  12. my hubby has recently visited a doctor-a new one!-and he told him, after a long 4 hours discussion…that analysis are just…numbers! and that he will never recoomend chemiotherapy to anybody! mind he is a military doctor….of course it depends on the case , but when SMOLDERING MYELOMA it is absolurelly not rhe casecto start conventionally therapy. i wanted to sharecthat with you. avoid stress, be happy and trust God! such a relief….

  13. Hi Margaret,
    I don’t have MM but CLL and come to your site often. I learned about you from another blog and been hooked. Thank you. It’s also possible before things get better it may get worse. Not sure if that crossed your mind but I hope – no, I’m sure you will conquer this. God bless.

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