Dieneke in the news

Well, well, I am so pleased for Dieneke! Her myeloma-curcumin story is still in the news, even after all these months (I first reported on it in August).

But what surprised me was to discover (today) that the Italian news has also picked up her story, as you can see here: goo.gl/sCKzkA

And the Times, too (in addition to many British papers, of course): goo.gl/bnefDA

Well done, Dieneke!


  1. Thanks Margaret. What I am also pleased about that I can direct people to your wonderful blog.

    I also hope that raising awareness may contribute to getting a clinical trial to investigate the workings of the Curcumin more.

    Apparently my story is back in the news as it was number 2 in most read case studies in 2017 for the British Medical Journal.

    1. Thank you both! Dieneke and Margaret!! I’m in the US and just found you two last week. Dieneke, your story showed up on The Drudge Report or I would probably have never heard your story.

  2. Hello Margaret.
    I have just discovered you. From a lady on This Morning in the U.K.I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer.I have just completed FEC-T Chemotherapy and are due a Lumpectomy with removal of lymph nodes (8 having been infected) plus Radiotherapy in a few weeks. I appreciate Turmeric saves lives with people with Myeloma but wondered if you could give any advice to me please. Or point me in the right direction. There us so much on the interent about cannabis oil and other natural remedies I just do not know where to start. Manta thanks
    With kind regards.

  3. HI please can you confirm if this helps with breast cancer triple positive and what brand and exact one did you use

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