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Very busy period, this one. Apart from our usual activities, we’ve had quite a bit of work done on the house, maintenance work that began back in July, got paused for the three-week holiday period in August, then restarted in September. But we’re done now, fingers crossed.

And so the cleanup begins. I spent hours yesterday scrubbing and re-scrubbing, and then re-re-re-re-scrubbing!, our terraces, e.g….cement dust and filth everywhere…Mamma mia, never seen anything like it…It will take a while to get the house back in shape, I’m afraid.

Result: I’ve had no time to do any research, as you can imagine….but as soon as things quiet down and get back to normal, I will get back to posting. And that is a promise. IMG_5090

In the meantime, I want to give you the link to a hilarious (IMO) video by “Simon’s Cat.” As you (probably) know, Stefano and I have SEVEN cats, yes, seven!, and they all hate, HAAAAAAATE!, the cat carrier. So whenever one of them has to go to the vet, we have to be as sneaky as snakes in the grass. One trick we’ve learned is never EVER let them see the cat carrier until the last second…But somehow…they KNOW. Even the slightest rattle from the carrier is enough to send them into hiding, and then you have to hunt them down, all over the house.

And that is why this video about Simon’s cat and the cat carrier made me laugh out loud. I hope you will enjoy it, too: 🙂

P.S. This is a photo of our eldest cat, Puzzola, putting her nose on the camera lens just as I was trying to take a photo of her. Typical. 🙂

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  1. Hi Margaret! Thanks for this blog, I am newly diagnosed with SMM and have found great comfort with your blog and research. However unfortunate it is to have this monoclonal protein in my blood, I refuse to let this bring me down! As a matter of fact I will use this as a wake up call to get even stronger and healthier than every before. Life has changed indeed but it’s our attitude and resourcefulness that will determine the course of this condition. Blessing to you and all the other contributors to this blog. We live in a time now that this can be controlled and even dare I say arrested for good. Thank you again, looking forward to your continued valuable research and happy life experiences. Attitude is everything! Oh and curcumin too 🙂 Gary

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