IMG_5126Wellwellwell, I turned 54 on Saturday, July 18th.Ā šŸ™‚

We didn’t really celebrate my birthday this year becauseĀ Stefano has been recovering from viral gastroenteritis. So he and IĀ spentĀ most ofĀ the day in bed, trying to keep cool under theĀ ceiling fan, watching TV series and eating delicious sweets…mmmmh!!!Ā It was nice and restful…just the two of us, surrounded by our furry family of seven (here are two of them–Pinga and Priscilla. Pinga sleeps under a cover, even in summer, so this photo was not staged, in case you’re wondering šŸ˜‰ )…

ItĀ was actually the smartest thing we could have done:Ā this has beenĀ the hottest July on record in Italy in more than a decade. Even ItalianĀ cows, I read in the below article, now haveĀ air conditioning and/or are getting showers to survive thisĀ horrendous heatwave:Ā http://goo.gl/W6HrCJ. Mamma mia!

IMG_5082Anyway…Fifty-four…definitely an importantĀ milestone for me. When I was diagnosed with SMM inĀ 2005, I thought I’d be dead within a few years, based on statistics AND on what a few hematologists told me…

But almost ten years have gone by since then (sixteen years, in fact, if you includeĀ the six years of my 1999 MGUS diagnosis…), and here I am, still very much alive and kicking…AND celebrating another birthday!!! Yaaay! šŸ˜€


  1. Happy 54th birthday Margaret for Saturday July 18th!
    Just as you were sweltering in a heat wave, down under in Melbourne Aus, we had our coldest Sunday July 19th for 18 years.

    Hope you have many progression free birthdays to come.
    I have my 3rd year anniversary since SMM diagnosis this week; still smoldering thanks to finding your website.

    Kindest Regards


  2. Happy Birthday, Margaret!! And many, many, many more. Thank you so much for all the
    information and inspiration that you so freely give to the many of us who need it!! God bless.

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