45 years…

Did you read about that doctor in Michigan who made millions (from insurance companies) by administering chemotherapy drugs to HEALTHY people? If not, then have a look at this article: http://goo.gl/y2ycx4

Makes me sick.

And yes, he told some of his healthy patients that they had multiple myeloma.

He just got sentenced to 45 years in jail…Do you think that’s enough, after what he did to more than 500 healthy people?

Well, I guess there’s a good lesson to be learned here: always ask for a second opinion…at the very least…

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  1. I read and read Margaret’s thoughts and reports on almost a daily basis. I was diagnoses with myeloma in July after an amazing holiday around the med including Forence. Such a shock after being all results we’re MGUG. But starting taking curcumin and have turmeric drinks when I can. My paraproteins after 2 months have gone from 16 to 13. Started taking Ip6 a couple of weeks ago and I now feel like I use to.

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