“Perfect nails, poisoned workers”

This is the title of a recently published New York Times article (thanks, Ginnie!) discussing the link between the chemicals used in nail and beauty products and serious health problems. One of the “problems” mentioned is multiple myeloma, even though “firm conclusions are elusive” because there aren’t enough studies out there: http://goo.gl/hpOQP8 I should note that the article refers to cosmetologists, not to the people who wear nail polish, etc.

But even if there turn out not to be any links to myeloma and/or the other horrible things mentioned in this article (although I find that extremely doubtful), why would ANYONE want to have hazardous chemicals painted onto their nails? It beats me…but then, I’ve never been interested in stuff like that. Just the smell of nail polish has always made me run in the opposite direction…

Anyway, this is a very interesting read…highly recommended!

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