It’s not a myeloma anniversary, although I have now fully entered my 10th year of living with smoldering myeloma. No, today’s a HAPPY day. It’s our 16th wedding anniversary.05.10.25-Favorite-0003

It’s hard to put feelings into words. I’m not a poet, just someone who deeply loves her life partner and best friend. And I don’t want to get all mushy, either.

But I can and will say that the years with Stefano have been the happiest of my life, in spite of my SMM diagnosis (I was diagnosed with MGUS the year we were married…1999). And I know it’s been the same for him. Together we’ve been on many adventures and have discovered a mutual love for photography and birdwatching, just to name a couple of things.

And to think that we might never have met, if I’d accepted a teaching job at a well known Canadian university (offered to me even before I had my Ph.D., imagine that?, a job that I turned down, imagine that, too!!!, for no good reason at the time…a gut feeling, perhaps? Who knows?)…

But meet we did…at a dinner organized for that very purpose (as we later discovered!) by a dear, mutual friend here in Florence. A very lucky evening for both of us…

Here’s to 16 more (and more and more!!!), Stefano! 🙂 Ti amo tantissimo, moro!

(Was that too mushy?)


  1. Happy Anniversary Margaret & Stefano. With our best withes and the hope of many happy years to come.
    Love from,
    Paul, Pam & Jamie.

  2. Happiest anniversary, Margaret! May you have many, many joyful years together, you and Stefano and your beautiful cats!

  3. That was very sweet and I love your appreciation of your life and hubby.
    I just found your website and have learned a lot! (Diagnosed with MM and Light Chain Deposition Disease in May 2012, had SCT Nov 2012 – currently using ketogenic diet and Curcumin, Resveratrol & Berberine to manage)

  4. Happy 16th wedding anniversary Margaret and Stefano! And no, it wasn’t too mushy! : ) May your love continue to grow with each passing year and may your days and nights be filled with health and happiness! That sounds like a toast, doesn’t it? : ) I mean it sincerely!

  5. Happy happy anniversaries Margaret. You are an inspiration. Wish we had found you 3 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with high risk MM. He has done the conventional SCT and follow up therapy. RVD and 5 other combinations and is refractory to them all. We are at our wits end and want to try your protocol. Are you still using the one published in 2010? That’s 5 years ago and I was wondering.

    Many thanks for all of this. I so wish we had known.

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