Parco della Piana, April 2015

P1030863I have already published a post about the dangers that my beloved bird reserve, the Parco della Piana, located in the province of Florence, is going to face at some point in the future…not sure when…but it’s going to happen, almost certainly. _1040791So I won’t repeat what I wrote back in September on this extremely sad topic (see:

P1050474I want to concentrate instead on the time Stefano and I spent photographing birds in this reserve together with our British photographer friend (I’ve written about him in previous posts) a few weeks ago.

Mainly, I want to publish some of the photos I took. These are not the best in the world, far from it!, but they will give you an idea of what an extraordinary place this bird reserve is…and how terribly AWFUL it would be to lose it…

P1030537P1010946I hope you enjoy the photos!

I certainly enjoyed taking them… 🙂

P.S. As usual, you can hover over the photos to get a description, and you can make some of the photos bigger, too.

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