Knowledge is power–a new blog post by Dr. Durie

IMG_4570This morning I had my blood tests. Results in early May. I’ll post them here, of course. Good or bad, whatever.

I used to be very apprehensive about tests and results…but years of all this have helped lessen the pre-testing anxiety (and the “what if!!!” syndrome that we all have at one point or another). Reading a funny book, such as “Anguished English,” while waiting for my name to be called at the lab is also a big help… 🙂

Today I came across Dr. Durie’s recent blog post on the subject of eating and drinking. Among other things, I’m happy that he speaks out against Monsanto and its awful pesticide Roundup (just to mention one Monsanto abomination!). And so on.

A good, interesting read: And it reminds me–I still have to read “Grain brain”!

Knowledge IS power. I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Durie (whom I met in person at a patient-doctor meeting that was held several years ago right here in Florence, incidentally…).

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