Work in progress

_MG_0272_MG_0249Stefano bought me a new camera while we were in the U.S. this summer. 


It’s small, smaller than my “old” camera, but it takes really sharp photos…much sharper, in fact, than my old camera, which I will still use for bird watching, mainly because of its long lens. 


This new camera, though, is purrrfect for taking photos of the cats, and so that is my work in progress.

 I’ve been taking photos of them almost every day. Such a joy. 


Here’s just a sample…and yes, I need more practice, but in my defense, it’s not easy to take photos of moving creatures who really want nothing to do with a camera… 😉

Hey, isn’t it weird how Prezzemolo looks like two different cats in the first two photos? 

Prezzemolo actually looks more like himself in the second photo, the cat tower one. There is some sort of weird light thing going on in the first photo, since I assure you our floor is NOT curcumin-orange but cotto-red (and no, that isn’t because I touched up the photos. The only thing I do with my photos is reduce their size and cut off some of the superfluous background).


By the way, I was recently informed that Pinga (our white cat with amber eyes, a white and orange striped tail, and a few orange spots on her soft, rabbit-like coat, especially on her head) might be a Turkish Van. Uhm, no, that’s not the name of a delivery company based in Turkey; it’s the name of a long-haired cat breed with genetic origins near Lake Van, in Turkey. Yeah, I’d never heard of this breed before, either…

Anyway, our little Pinga seems to possess a lot of the characteristics of this breed, except that she is a short-haired cat (but I read that there is a short-hair “Dutch” variety of the breed?). 



Pinga is incredibly smart and affectionate (when we’re in bed, e.g., she will lie on our chests and wrap her paws around our necks, purring ecstatically, and she loves to lick our faces, necks and arms, bleah…), very athletic, and she adores water (though I very much doubt we’ll test the Turkish Van’s swimming ability!!!). She is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had…one of the funniest, too.

Well, she may not be a purebred T.V., but I’m curious, now, even though of course it makes no difference to us…Is anybody here a T.V. expert, by any chance? 😉

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