No feverzzzzz!

I even did some work today. Ahhh, yes…much better…

_MG_0185_MG_0168And, to celebrate my return to an almost-normal state, today I’m posting a photo I took of our eldest kitty, Puzzola, just last week…two days before I got sick, in fact, ugh. Anyway, that evening Puzzola did something she never does: she jumped up into our ensuite bathroom sink and just stayed there, even when I whipped out the camera (like lots of cats, she is camera shy…). 

She’s such a great cat…12 years old (according to our vet, she was born in June 2001…?) and going strong, in spite of the beginnings of hyperthyroidism, for which she is being treated, of course. Anyway, with no further ado, this is our green-eyed Puzzola. 

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