My parents had their cataracts removed last Thursday. Both parents, same eye (= the right eye). Everything went smoothly, and they are doing very well. My Mom said that she hasn’t seen this clearly since she was a child…so, onwards and upwards! 🙂

The past week (since I arrived in Massachusetts, that is) have been a bit of a blur, no pun intended hehe…as follows…and this isn’t even the complete list 😉 : 

  • taking parents to last-minute doctor visits, 
  • administering eyedrops eyedrops and more eyedrops in my parents’ eyes, several times a day, both before and after cataract removal,
  • installing a much-needed air conditioning unit in one of the living room windows…By the way, I just wanted…uhm…to gloat that I did that all by myself, the day after I arrived here in the U.S. I’m gloating because I am not the most technically-inclined person on the planet (to say the least!!!!)…But I got the heavy AC machine out of the box and then up and running (in spite of the instructions, which must have been in Hungarian, originally, then translated into English via Japanese, then Finnish 😉 ). The AC unit has turned the living room into what I call the “fridge” now…and it’s just what we needed!),
  • taking Dad to see his oncologist (= no sign of the cancer, yaaay, rejoice! I have a Super Dad with Super vocal cords!!!),
  • doing some work (oh yes, I can work from here, too! All I need is a computer…),
  • and a few other things, too…But I won’t bore you with a long (boring!) laundry list… 😉 

So yes, it’s been quite busy here. But when Stefano arrives (in less than 2 weeks!), we’ll be taking some time off…We want to go whale-watching and bird watching, e.g. Can’t wait! 

As things settle down in the next few days, though, I plan to read and comment on some of the studies I brought with me…

One last thing. Some readers have been asking me to send them the curcumin protocol or give advice on where to buy this or that supplement. Well, the curcumin protocol is here on the blog, for all to see…Just scroll down my Pages until you find “Margaret’s curcumin protocol.” Please also read my Side effects and Warnings Page…very important.

And finally, I am sorry to say that I cannot, for obvious reasons, give advice on where to buy this or that supplement…especially stuff I’ve never tested! Sorry about that. 

Okay, I have to go and put in my parents’ breakfast eye drops now.

Take care, everyone! Ciao!!! 🙂


  1. Margaret, i don’t know if you have read this (link below). This is god news. My husband has myeloma (diagnosed 2010) and gone through treatment for about 6 months (2012). After that the M-Components is 0. He has almost quit eating red meat and dairy. We both try to eat as much curcumin as possible. I had breastcancer and both our doctors don’t even want to think that food can cure. I love your blog, keep up the god work.

  2. Margaret, You are a super woman for installing an airconditioner in the window, how your back is alright. Glad your parents are doing alright after their cataract surgery. I am going for my (R) eye next week, left is doing fine after the operation. Let us know what you find out from any studies you discover, its always great news for u, keep up the good job, Beatrice

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