Back in the USA, summer 2013!!!

This is going to be really brief, since I am on my mini iPad, which means that i can’t really touch type, so it’s SLOW. But I wanted to let you all know that I’m here, at my parents’s house, safe and sound.

The flight went very well…I watched three movies, one of which I enjoyed very much: Promised Land…with Matt Damon. On the fracking business. Anyway, very good, I thought. The plane landed early, but it took me more than an hour to get through customs and collect my bag. Oh well. I was so happy to be on the ground and back in Boston that i didn’t care.

When I exited the air-conditioned airport, though, I was struck by a wall of very DAMP heat, worse than what I’d left behind in Florence. Wowsie. And this morning, even though it’s very early, I’m already sitting in a pool of sweat. No, my parents don’t have AC. But I think we need to change that!!! okay, I’ve had ENOUGH FUN (not!!!) with the autocorrect function so I’m going to sign off!!! Will be back when I’m on a proper computer. Ciao!!! 🙂

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