Guilt guilt guilt. Guilt for having “abandoned” my cats for so much time. I know, I know, I know they’re in very good hands (Stefano’s, right at the moment…and, at the end of next week, they will be in the care of our very reliable cat ‘n house sitter for a couple of weeks, when Stefano finally goes on holiday and can join me here in Massachusetts…), but I miss them very much…

Stefano and I are in touch every day via Skype, of course, sometime two or three times a day…and also, at least twice a week, usually on the weekend, he “skypes” with the kitties, so I can see them. Since the cats get very agitated and upset at the sound of my voice, and go around looking for me (no kidding, this really happens…rather heart wrenching, yes!), I mostly keep my mouth shut during these furry calls. But I really enjoy seeing them…watching them…admiring them. They are all so adorable. My sweeties. 

I’ve already bought three presents for them…One is a long cat tunnel that folds up (er…at least, I HOPE it folds up!!!, otherwise I’ll be wearing a 5.5-foot-long, rather odd-looking hat on the plane back to Italy…). They, especially Pinga, love running through their tunnels, but the ones we have in Florence are getting rather old and worn…time to replace them, and this one will do the trick…it’s so long!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about my cats today is because of a new, very cute Simon’s Cat video…one to which I could really relate, since my cats always make a beeline for, and bury themselves in, any open, half-packed suitcase, as though trying to stop us from leaving… 🙂 [youtuber youtube=’’] 

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  1. hey Margaret. you dear, Margaret. You are being too hard on yourself. Repeat after me: guilt is not a productive emotion. Guilt doesn’t build any damn thing but guilt.
    We all doing what we can with what we have got to keep a life-affirming stream of information flowing. You yourself may not have any idea how many lives you have changed and saved. Seriously. oh, there are so many folks in your corner. Big deep breaths, 4, 5 6.
    You are wonderful.
    hug from Pat

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