Gotta love it!!!

I imagine all of you know what IKEA is. Yes, the Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture/home products company.  

Well, anyway, I have a petite IKEA story…

On Friday, yes the day after I was sick (by then I was purrrrrrfectly fine…), a couple of friends came over for dinner, and I brought out some dark lager beer I’d bought at IKEA…

One of our friends asked if he could keep the beer cap.

“Of course you can…but…why?” I asked, puzzled.

“Because it’s great! Take a closer look at it,” he replied. So I did. And I laughed…(We all laughed.)

Isn’t it hilarious??? 😀

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  1. That is hilarious… Anything bought at IKEA always contains everything you need including tools so OF COURSE
    they have to let people know there is no beer opener!

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