About once a year…

…I seem to come down with an out-of-the-blue, 24-hour bug of some sort: a bit of intestinal trouble, a bit of vomiting and, most of all, an overwhelming desire to sleepsleepsleep. So that is exactly what I do when this happens: I sleep. All day.

Well, the bothersome yearly bug hit me yesterday morning. I got up as usual and went downstairs to feed the cats. But I knew something was wrong. So I went back to bed without eating or drinking anything (luckily!), and stayed there all day, surrounded by four of my cats, including our new kitty, Prezzemolo (=in the photo; as you can see, he’s exhausted from all the nursing yesterday!), but especially Piccolo, my big boy, who snuggled up next to me and wouldn’t let go of my arm all day, and Pinga, who refused to budge from my chest, purring all the time (except when she fell asleep, exhausted).

Cats are THE best! 🙂

This morning I’m fine…as if nothing had happened. Weird. I mean, I got up early as usual, had my cappuccino and breakfast as usual, and since then I’ve been doing all the housework etc. that I should have done yesterday. I will rest a bit this afternoon, just to make sure the bug is gone for good, and then I’ll get back to my (full) daily routine tomorrow…No big deal…

Boyohboythough, my emails are reallllllllly piling up (I have about 700 unread emails, just to give you an idea, urgh!)…which reminds me: sorry if I haven’t answered your messages/blog comments…I’ll try to get to ’em this weekend…but Stefano and I are going to be super busy, so I can’t make any promises…Sorry about that!  

Anyway, take care, everyone, and don’t forget the daily belly laugh! 🙂


  1. Hi Margaret,

    For those who are into healing by sound frequency, the “purring” of Pinga no doubt did wonders for your quick recovery!


  2. dear margaret,

    oh, those sweet kitties! how sweet, how attentive they were to you – what a comfort.

    i was thinking – babies have those times they sleep for long periods of time, and we refer to those periods as something like having growth spurts. so maybe when you have that long, long sleep, it’s actually a time of healing and re-charging your immune system. the other signs and symptoms did not materialize this time – maybe it was because you listened to your body. at any rate, i am so glad you are feeling yourself again and feeling all better.


    karen, TC

  3. Oh no! I get that too, about every year. I hate thinking about how it’s transmitted, and I curse the awful person who failed to wash his or her hands well…

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