Leaving on a jet plane…

I’d planned to write a million and a half posts for the blog this week (slight exaggeration! ;-)), but I just wasn’t able to…for lack of time, mainly. I mean, I’d even planned to have my usual set of blood tests this week, but then things just began happening, one after the other…So no, no tests. I’m such a busy gal! 

And now it’s Friday (!), and I’m leaving for the U.S. tomorrow. TOMORROW!???! 😯  Yikes! How did THAT happen? How did December creep up on me like that? What happened to the fall? It’s winter (a few snowflakes fell on Florence today!). Mamma mia… 😉 

Well, okay, in a nutshell, I’m leaving Florence tomorrow for Massachusetts, my home state, so that I can be with my parents for the Xmas holidays and most of January. I’m very happy about that, of course…  

The only downer is that Stefano won’t be traveling with me. In fact, he won’t be able to leave for the States until our main cat sitter returns to Florence in early January (then he and I will return to Florence together, after the middle of January). Very stupid of us, but we really don’t have a Plan B for the cats (that is, a second, super reliable cat sitter…sounds simple, but it isn’t…), and all of our friends are going to be out of town during the holidays, so…we’re stuck…  

Well, no matter: my parents and I can celebrate a belated Xmas with Stefano when he gets there. And in the meantime we can communicate via Skype, which is THE BEST invention ever! I want to see my kitties every day…yeah!

I still have a zillion things to do today, as you can imagine, and after I get to my parents’ house I’m sure to have at least a bit of jet lag, so I probably won’t be posting again on the blog until Sunday…

Too bad, since I have so much to write about! A few new SMM studies that are worthy of attention and a bit of discussion…I found one of them particularly irritatingrrrrrrrr (grrrrr!), but…okay…I shouldn’t get ahead of myself…So I’ll stop here and go back to packing…I’m in a pre-departure frenzy mode! Agggggh! So much to do, so little time! 

Take care, everyone. I’ll be back online soon!!! Ciaoooooo! 🙂

P.S. Here’s a lovely, heart-warming video on dogs driving cars (nope, it’s not a joke! Wait and see…): http://goo.gl/1OxtS

 The new Simon’s Cat video, “Icecapades”: http://goo.gl/xBvUt

And now, to get us in a holiday mood, let’s watch Aunt Chippy show us how to wrap a prezzie: http://goo.gl/os3BQ (I laughed out loud…hehe…)

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