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In 1997, at age 37, after undergoing radiation therapy, chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, David Emerson, a MM Support list member and FB friend (also the founder of the People Beating Cancer website), was essentially sent him home to die. His doctors gave him months to live, a year at the most. Well, he refused to give up. He began doing a lot of research, consulted many doctors and ultimately went to Dr. Burzynski’s clinic in Houston, TX, where he underwent this Polish doctor’s controversial antineoplaston treatment.

Well, David really beat the odds. He has now been cancer-free for 12 years (since 1999). And that is why I watched this film today (= almost 2 hours long) with an open mind: 

Now, I should make it clear that I’m not endorsing this cancer treatment, since, to be super honest, I don’t know enough about it, how it works and so on…

So you might wonder why I’m talking about it today. Well, for various reasons: 1. you can watch the film for free (UPDATE (June 23): the free offer deadline has now been extended…indefinitely); 2. I found it (the patients’ testimonials, etc.) very interesting and 3. I was simply astounded at the FDA’s relentless harassment of this doctor…


  1. This film can be watched for free until June 20. The date was extended, because of popularity. If you have Netflix you can rate it. As of today we have 1525 participants with 4.9 rating out of 5.0! If more viewers will vote the movie Burzynski: “Cancer Is Serious Business” may be available at Netflix.

    Peter 06

  2. Margaret-
    Thanks for the plug. I talk to people all the time about antineoplaston therapy and Dr. Stanislaw Burzynsk (both mmers and other cancer survivors alike). Yes, this therapy put me into complete remission. At the same time I cannot tell all mmers that the therapy will work 100% of the time for them.

    The real frustration here is that the NCI and other major non-profit cancer institutions don’t work with Burzynski to learn more about antineoplaston therapy and cancers. Thanks Margaret- David

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