A vitamin D segue to yesterday’s post…

A brand new study, which has just been presented at the Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting in Boston (June 4-7), shows that maintaining a circulating vitamin D level above 33 ng/ml is associated with a seven-fold greater likelihood of having a more favorable outcome with bisphosphonate therapy. SEVEN-FOLD! Even I am stunned…

The evidence in favor of vitamin D certainly keeps accumulating, doesn’t it? By the way, the time has come for me to thank my friend Sherlock for talking to me about vitamin D about four years ago. It is only thanks to her that I had my levels checked…and then my quest began…Grazie, Sherlockissima! 🙂

Without further ado, here is the link to the press release about this new study: http://goo.gl/fcxWQ Wow…


  1. ciao Margaret,
    did you read about the 15 year old girl in terminal phase of hodgin and her list of wishes?
    shows the dramatic situation of bone marrow donors, esp. here in italy. What about a post? have a look at my fb.
    saluto veloce

    Teenager Alice Pyne bucket list: Cancer sufferer’s dreams come true in 4 days
    In a fresh post today on Alice Pyne’s website – http://www.alicepyne.blogspot.com – the 15-year-old from Cumbria said most of her ambitions were now set to be achieved.

  2. You are absolutely right about Vit. D3, Rudi and Joseph on the German APMM blog, write extensively on this.
    ASCO Paper shows new guidelines on VitD and Calcium intake.
    There is to highlight that WirkstoffAlfacalcidol
    (1S,3R,5Z,7E)-9,10-Secocholesta-5,7,10,(19)-trien-1,3- diol; (5Z,7E)-9,10-Seco-5,7,10,(19)-cholestatrien- 1alpha,3beta-diol; 1-Alpha-Hydroxycholecalciferol

    might be more appropriate than normal Vit D3, especially for patients taking steroids, or on cortison, as this hinders the absorption, and especially for patients with renal problems, as Alfacalcidol is absorbed in the liver, rather than in the kidneys.
    Maybe you might know more on this,

  3. My local onc. was telling me about this. Since my Vit. D was on the low side he prescribed 50,000 IU of Vit. D taken once a week in addition to my normal supplemental which is 3000IU per day. We plan to recheck in 8 weeks. I have also made an appointment to consult with a bone endrocronologist at UPenn.

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