“National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest”

A blog reader (also a FB friend, co-administrator of our MM support group on FB, etc.) posted a very interesting link on the FB group’s Wall today: http://goo.gl/jOEO8 This link will take you to a “Natural News” article discussing a hot-off-the-press book written by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, a well known cancer expert (see the article for more details)…

The NN article is very well written/organized and easy to read…And, since there is no way I could possibly summarize it, I really urge you to go have a look…

Oh, wait a sec, I just wanted to point out that the following excerpt strongly reminded me of yesterday’s post/film (ACS = the American Cancer Society, by the way):

“ACS maintains a Committee on Unproven Methods of Cancer Management, which periodically reviews unorthodox or alternative therapies,” Epstein wrote. “This committee is comprised of volunteer health care professionals, carefully selected proponents of orthodox, expensive, and usually toxic drugs patented by major pharmaceutical companies, and opponents of alternative or unproven therapies that are generally cheap, and minimally toxic.”

Periodically, the committee updates its statements on unproven methods, which are then widely disseminated to clinicians, cheerleader science writers, and the public. Once a clinician or oncologist becomes associated with unproven methods, he or she is blackmailed by the cancer establishment. Funding for the accused quack becomes inaccessible, followed by systematic harassment.

“The highly biased ACS witch-hunts against alternative practitioners are in striking contrast to its extravagant and uncritical endorsement of conventional toxic chemotherapy. This despite the absence of any objective evidence of improved survival rates or reduced mortality following chemotherapy for all but some relatively rare cancers.

The cancer industry’s favor of pharmaceutical products is evidenced, Epstein said, “by the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved approximately 40 patented drugs for cancer treatment, while it has yet to approve a single nonpatented alternative drug.”

According to Epstein, “Dr. Samuel Broder, NCI director from 1989 to 1995, frankly admitted, in a 1998 Washington Post interview, that ‘the NCI has become what amounts to a government pharmaceutical company.’ Taxpayers have funded R & D and expensive clinical trials for over two-thirds of cancer drugs on the market. These drugs are given, with exclusive rights, to the industry, which sells them at inflated prices.”

Sigh. Quelle surprise…(NOT!!!)…

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  1. cancer is a billion dollar industry– it is sad that
    the cancer patient (victim) is not offered every available treatment, synthetic and natural, in order to make an informed decision as to treatment.
    Even President Ronald Reagan sought out Dr. Hans Nieper in Germany for alternative (heat) treatment for his colon cancer.
    The lies and cover-ups are criminal–
    The FDA, Big Pharma and AMA are all in cahoots for profits.
    Cancer Patients are the Big Losers for sure.

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