New Simon’s cat video…

Internet has been coming and going today. We are changing providers, which is not as simple as it may sound. As a result, I haven’t been able to do much research (but tomorrow is…another day!), so today I will simply post the link to the new Simon’s cat video, titled “Simon’s cat in the box”: Adorable. I lovvvvved it!

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to vote for the Myeloma Survivor race car design: The word has indeed spread like wildfire, and today we are up to 616 votes (as of 8:24 PM, Italian time). Excellent.

Don’t forget that you can vote again and again and again…every 24 hours, that is. So, if 616 people vote again tomorrow, then again the day after, then…well, you get my point! So, click click click!

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  1. Margaret, I’m voting daily, and I hope everyone else is!

    Enjoyed Simon’s cat. I love how he so adroitly captures all the cat mannerisms, like the grooming action after a fall, like “It didn’t happen.”

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