Green bananas…

I have been checking my blogging friend Lucie’s blog ( every day, hoping for a bit of good news. Unfortunately, there has been none. And the dreaded day has finally come. She died in her sleep last night…Lucie had pancreatic cancer.

On Monday afternoon, after learning that she had taken a turn for the worse, I decided to sit down and read as many of her posts as I could. And, oh, I found some marvelous ones.

Here are a few links…naturellement, I chose a couple of the funny ones and a couple of the ones about curcumin…

Oh Lucie, I am going to miss you…My heart is heavy, but I am relieved that you went peacefully, surrounded by your loving family…


  1. I too have gone back over and read some of Lucie’s blogs. Did she set some kind of record for surviving with Pancreatic cancer? I have lost another friend to that disease. Her writing was clear even on her so-called “chemo brain days” and her humor in face of the situation was brighter than most. We miss those who have run the race and passed through the finish line ahead of us…

  2. Well I’d just managed to stop leaking after reading about Lucie and then Sandy’s last sentence started me off again. Between this and Beth’s Buddy I think B is glad to be going to work tonight.

    You’re right Sandy we do miss them and we are grateful for having had the opportunity to spend time with them.
    They are always in our hearts and the sparkling of our eyes.

  3. I had a friend who died of pancreatic cancer and it was very fast. he died alone because he chose to return to drug addiction as a way of dealing. So sad!

    Good your blog friend died in her sleep with her family around!

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